Welcome to the Processing page.  Whether you are completely new to processing or already have a processing technique, we trust you will find helpful suggestions in the audio that follows…


When her Enlightened teacher left the body in 1998, Lucia realized that, despite her extensive spiritual/mystical training, she had a lot of emotional baggage. She set about seeking out teachers who could assist her in developing the tools she needed to address the problem.

For the past decade, she has been a tireless processor, moving from novice to expert, and ultimately clearing the vast majority of her egoic structure—a claim few on the planet can make.

Along the way, working with thousands of people to help them move in the same direction, she refined her understanding of the mechanics of perception, an understanding she feels all on the spiritual path must have in order to excel.

In the following audio, she provides a concise introduction to this complex topic, delivering it with elegant simplicity. We hope you will find it helpful…

Mechanics of Perception & Processing (1 hr 7 min)



If you would like to check out Lucia’s emotional processing method, please visit our Processing Work-Study Course page.