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This work-study course is for those who would like to enhance their ability to do emotional processing and pick up some mystical techniques along the way.

In a teleconference series called Mystical Counsel, Lucia taught the personal processing technique she used to unplug her energies from the Patriarchy.  Now that series is a work-study course.

By listening to the 20 hours of recordings in the course, here are some of the things you can gain:

  • Training in Lucia’s emotional processing technique
  • Experience in facing your fear during deep emotional processing
  • Schooling in how to remove the past life structural blockages that we have inserted into our subtle physical bodies in order to survive the Patriarchy
  • Knowledge of how we can collaborate, using the One Heart/One Mind, to speed up our evolution
  • A wealth of mystical wisdom that is peppered throughout the sessions

Sampling Mystical Counsel

Audio-SymbolTo get a taste of the Mystical Counsel sessions, we invite you to listen to these short audio clips:

  • Lucia’s personal invitation to the work-study course:
    Introduction (20 minutes)
  • An overview of Mystical Counsel and the processing technique.  (Please note that the chimes that sound throughout the clip are people joining the teleconference):
    Overview & Technique (6.5 minutes)
  • How to best use the processing sessions:
    How to Use (4.5 minutes)
  • Developing the habit of turning to face issues that arise:
    Developing the Habit (1.5 minutes)
  • Identifying your various trigger patterns:
    Identifying Your Patterns (1 minute)

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  • One woman’s audio testimonial after completing the course: Testimonial
  • A second audio testimonial: Testimonial 2
  • “It is a relief to finally have a processing technique that works. It’s one thing to talk about living in a non-dual world, but another to actively construct the foundation to do so, so I am grateful to have found a way to do that. And I see the results in my life as I clear the triggers.” -Leah, Canada
  • “The work-study is excellent. I’m getting loads of benefit from it. Just wonderful! In addition to learning the technique, I’m also getting interesting insights into the way women work. Many of the issues being processed are ones that I have too, and it helps me to work through them with the group. I’m confident that other men will find it beneficial.” -Nigel, England

Getting Started

Those who participated in the original Mystical Counsel paid $200.
The work-study (20 hours of audio files) is available for $55.

Mystical Counsel Work-Study
Mystical Counsel Work-Study
After purchasing via PayPal, expect an email with your links.
Price: $55.00


If you would like to plan ahead and purchase the entire 3-module work-study course (Mystical Counsel, Women Standing and No Woman Left Behind), you can do so for $140, a $40 savings.

3-Modules Processing Work-Study Course
3-Modules Processing Work-Study Course
After purchasing via PayPal, expect an email with your links.
Price: $140.00