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2018 Weekend Workshops
Slated for the U.S. (Virginia & Oregon) in April
And for Europe (Berlin & London) in August/Sept


Please stay tuned for 2018 details coming soon. In the meantime, here is the description for Lucia’s 2017 workshop…


Suffering is a feature of human embodiment but it is possible to end it.

Does that notion appeal to you?  If yes, are you ready for a personal encounter with Lucia René—mystic, psychic, and cutting-edge spiritual mentor? Are you ready for a weekend of Light and laughter?

Lucia has the uncanny ability to gaze at someone and psychically perceive their biggest spiritual block—the primary lynchpin holding them back. Pulling that lynchpin catapults you forward on your spiritual journey. And if you follow that journey far enough, suffering ends and life becomes seriously fun!

Join Lucia, for a multi-faceted weekend.  Through a series of 5 transmissions of supra conscious Light, she’ll help you:

  • Improve your ability to meditate
  • Experience the golden essence of the supra conscious
  • Identify your biggest spiritual block
  • And accelerate the process of eradicating it using…
    • The fire of the Divine Feminine
    • The omniscience of the Divine Masculine
    • Upgrades from the Sirian High Council
    • And the transcendence of the Angelic realms

Have you ever received an in-person Transmission of Light? If so, you’re aware of the potent transmutation it provides.  Do you know how few people on the planet can actually transmit the supra conscious Light? The word “rare” comes to mind. Add to this a healthy dose of Lucia’s dry spiritual humor and you have a truly exceptional event.

If you are ready to join Lucia for a carefully-choreographed, magic-carpet weekend—one filled with transformation, laughter, and Light—reserve your seat or keep reading to learn more details…


What is a Transmission of Light?

Have you ever had an epiphany—a moment in time when you experience the Divinity of all things? Perhaps a particularly high meditation or a moment in Nature when everything is perfect?

If you are receptive during a Transmission of Light, this is exactly what happens. The 3rd dimensional world falls away and you glimpse your own Divine Nature.

The beauty of a transmission is that the inherent nature of supra conscious Light, which is supremely intelligent, dictates the quality of Light you receive. For each person, when Lucia makes eye contact, the transmission is unique and the result is that you receive exactly what you need.

“The highest octave kundalini is the golden light which
occurs in the supra conscious; it is the supra conscious.
It’s what they call Sat Chit Ananda—existence,
bliss, consciousness, full consciousness.” -Rama

The beauty of a Transmission is that the inherent nature of Light, which is supremely intelligent, dictates the quality of Light you receive. For each person, when Lucia makes eye contact, the Transmission is unique and the result is that you receive exactly what you need.


Workshop Content

Friday Evening

After a Meet & Greet in the early evening, all 18 attendees assemble for a meditation that sets the stage of the weekend.  Lucia explains how to do an open-eye gazing meditation in order to receive a Transmission of Light, leads a practice exercise, then gives you your first transmission. You’ll be able to experience for yourself the quality of supra conscious Light—the gentleness of compassion laced with super-high intensity. Then, after our Friday night intro, fasten your seat belt and prepare to move into higher and higher dimensional experiences…

Saturday Day – Up Close & Personal

This is a personal work session for 1/2 of the group (9 attendees in the morning, 9 in the afternoon). While Lucia gives you a transmission, she identifies your biggest block—whatever is most obstructing you at the present time.  Then, she’ll explain her psychic perception. She might identify a negative pattern from your childhood, heretofore unseen.  Or, a pivotal past life that has affected you for eons.  Armed with knowledge of this blockage, you can intend it’s eradication as you begin to move through your next 3 unique and transformative transmissions…

Saturday Evening –   Mother/Father Divine

During this transmission for all 18 attendees, you’re invited to soak in Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, then finally, the balanced masculine/feminine. The most sophisticated spiritual work we do is balancing the masculine/feminine within. And this meditation gives you the opportunity to transmute your blockage through those two energetics. Many participants experience the powerful Divine Feminine energy as “a burn”. And claim the scintillating Divine Masculine omnipresence stabilizes the embodiment. Then, many report the tumbler falls into place during the balancing of the two.

Sunday Day – Sirian Starseed Activation

This is another personal work session for your small group of 9. Lucia facilitates a highly technical Transmission of Light by the Sirian High Council—a re-seeding of the original starseed material you received when you first incarnated on Earth. To whatever degree you are able to access the Light, your consciousness is rebooted. (If you’ve received this transmission in the past, the Sirians provide an upgrade.)

Sunday Evening – The Angelic Realms

This 18-attendee transmission is quite different, as much of it happens with the eyes closed. A host of angelic beings assembles and Lucia gives you a short open-eye transmission. This facilitates angelic beings entering your field. You’ll be able to make a specific request for assistance or you can leave it up to Spirit. But as they work on your meditating embodiment, Lucia gives another transmission, to amplify your experience. And with the other-worldly grace of the angelic realms, our weekend concludes.

View the complete weekend schedule.


Testimonials from other workshops


  • “High with Light, yet so grounded.” -Tessa, Finland
  • “Cutting edge…Pure love & fun.” -Jayshree, U.K.
  • Receiving a transmission from Lucia’s pure
    light stream is a divine gift.” – Rosalind, UK

Listen to some Transmissions of Light experiences from those who have attended other workshops:


Reserving your Seat

The Lucia, Light & Laughter weekend is limited to 20 attendees because of the nature of personalized work. On the 3 evenings, all 20 attendees meet together.  During the day, we break into 2 smaller groups of 10.

Here are the details:

  • Because the transmissions are strong, each attendee will be asked to sign a Release Form.
  • The workshop is priced at $795.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English.

If using Light and laughter to eliminate limitations resonates with you, we invite you to reserve your seat by using the deposit purchase button below…

Please consider your purchase carefully:
Deposits are refundable until 45 days before the event (Store Policy).
Also, please note that at the workshop, we can accept only USD cash.
We cannot accept checks, credit cards, or PayPal payments.

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