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Where We’ve Been & Where We’re At
Public Teleconference
January 7, 10 a.m. Eastern (NY) time

The recent December 2017 Solstice provided the biggest shift the planet has undergone since the original seeding of the Experiment in Consciousness. It was unprecedented, and, for those with eyes to see behind the scenes, absolutely fascinating.

The Solstice centerpiece was the precise dismantling of the construct in conscious that has limited humanity’s evolution for thousands of years, aided by massive fleets of galactic ships, thousands of energetic workers, the entire Angelic Realms, Ascended Annunaki, Tibetan monks… The list goes on and on.

Knowing in advance that this Solstice would be over-the-top, I suggested the formation of an 8-way collaboration to clock the before, during, and after. The bases covered by these 8 women were as amazing as the event itself:

  • Skillsets included Seers, Strategists, Soldiers & Healers
  • Incarnations going back to Atlantis & Lemuria
  • Origins in Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, the Fairy Realms & Nibiru (as in the Annunaki)

Quite the star-studded cast, wouldn’t you agree? Each woman contributing seeings from her unique perspective. And we were not without our share of humor. As one participant put it, “I never thought I’d be working alongside an Annunaki!”

But my Annunaki friend, Jonna, played a pivotal role as the Solstice event unfolded. And, while her operating system is totally different from yours and mine, she’s an excellent Seer.  As is my good friend, Elizabeth Wood.

So, please join the 3 of us, for this 1.5-hour teleconference, as we give you the very best of our psychic perceptions on where we’ve been & where we’re at.

The December Solstice left us with a radically upgraded playing field. Now, we need to learn to navigate it…

Where We've Been & Where We're At 01/07/18
Where We've Been & Where We're At 01/07/18
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Price: $11.00


Breaking Down Barriers at the Speed of Light
Small-Group Teleconference
January 14, 10 a.m. Eastern (NY) time

Breaking Down BarriersThis teleconference provides an intimate setting for personal interaction. You’ll have the opportunity to do deep work on a personal issue and receive an individual Transmission of Light. Attendance is limited to 5 people.

On the call, Lucia interacts with Light in two ways: The transmission of Light, pure and formless, and Light encoded into form…

The engineering of formless Light into form—encoded Light or configurations in consciousness—transfers teachings through direct experience. You are invited to step into the stream of Light to work on an issue. For each issue, Lucia provides a direct transmission of encoded light, not only for the person raising the issue, but for everyone on the call. You may receive teachings such as the mechanics of how to navigate an emotional process, the steps to move into a heightened state of consciousness, or the essence of a specific vibratory quality you need for your evolution.

Then, at some point during your interaction, you’ll receive an individual, formless Transmission of Light in silence for several minutes. This gives you an up-close-and-personal opportunity to have your whole Being clarified and strengthened so you become better and better able to receive, ground, and embody increased Light in the future—for yourself and for the collective.

As a wrap-up, we open up everyone’s mic and compare notes.


Please Note: There are 3 pre-requisites for attending this call:
1) You have listened to Lucia’s The Mechanics of Perception & Processing mp3 file; 2) You have studied Leslie Temple Thurston’s book, The Marriage of Spirit; 3) You have an emotional processing technique. If you do not have these pre-requisites, please join us for a future Breaking Down Barriers call once you have completed these basics.

Breaking Down Barriers - 01/14/18
Breaking Down Barriers - 01/14/18
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Price: $108.00


Breaking Down Barriers - 01/21/2018
Breaking Down Barriers - 01/21/2018
After purchase, expect an email with your call link.
Price: $108.00