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September 29, 2017

Blog coming out tomorrow for my final public teleconference of the year: Optimizing 2017. Winding down teleconference activity in order to go into full-preparation mode for my November Retreat here in Vilcabamba Ecuador. Working with 13 people for a week is quite an experience. Very rewarding. But tiring. So afterwards, I always do a little retreat of my own at the beach. This year, my good friend and Retreat assistant, Susan Gash, is going with me. We’ll make the 7 hour drive, into Peru, to a beautiful resort on the beach with exotic rooms & a superb restaurant. Fine food, a little wine, and long walks on the golden sand. Then I look forward to taking it easy for December in order to round out the year.


September 24, 2017

I recently returned from Europe where I gave a lovely workshop to 20 women in Berlin and, afterwards, toured Ireland (see photos). I’ll be speaking about my insights during my travels and my impressions of the September Equinox energies in a teleconference soon.

I’m a little embarrassed because I created this page on my website, fully intending to update it often, but that never seems to happen. And, at the moment, the Being is undergoing such expansion that it is difficult to work at all!

This year has been amazing, giving us the ability to dismantle egoic structure to make room for increased expansion and, indeed full remembrance. I’ll be speaking about this too on my teleconference–if I ever can gather my wits to organize it.  LOL.



April 2, 2017

We’ve just added a new mp3 file to our Introductory Packages page. It’s called Relationships – A mystic’s take.  It’s an audio running 1.5 hours where I share most of what I know about relationships from a mystical point of view.  Please visit the page if that sounds interesting…



January 28, 2017

In January, I hosted a teleconference where I summed up the energetic progression of the Ascension and shared my insights about how the resulting New Paradigm playing field will affect our spiritual journey in 2017.

The summary of Ascension energies can be viewed on a YouTube.  And the totality of the teleconference can still be purchased on my Teleconferences page for $11.  I plan to leave this teleconference up for sale, as I feel the information is highly relevant throughout the year.

Now, I devote my February and March teleconferences to in-depth presentations on how these energies can be used in our meditation practice (February) and our emotional processing (March).

I have also created a free, hour-long audio on How to Meditate which includes pointers about meditating in the New Paradigm.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for some or all of this investigation during Q1 of 2017.


December 12, 2016

Hello, after a long hiatus on my part to rest, recuperate, and sink more deeply into the ever-shifting energies as we culminate the ascension process. I hope you are faring well…

My November Vilcabamba retreat was over-the-top wonderful. Thirteen amazing women. And exceptional transformation.  And then, I treated myself to my own retreat—a week at the beach in Peru!

2016 Retreat Attendees

2016 Retreat Attendees

Lucia on the Beach

Lucia’s Private Retreat






Now, we are planning our schedule for 2017. I’ve decided to do one larger $11 call per month for the first quarter, followed by one smaller call for 5 people where we can do personal, in-depth work. Creating the teleconferences and posting on the Calendar soon.  Hoping to connect with you on some of those calls!


November 2, 2016

Just released a new blog with very timely information about the “upgrades” that have begun happening to all of us. I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

Also, we’ve added a new work-study course to our website: Master Class in Mysticism.


October 3, 2016

teleconference-make-most-of-2016-shutterstock_350727737I was very pleased with the information that emerged during my September 24th teleconference and the guided meditation. Many have reported that is was helpful in preparing for the next 3 months.  It guides you through how to consolidate everything–from the ascension process thus far, from this lifetime, and from past lives–in order to move through the ascension finale more effectively.

And, although we were focused on this pivotal time period, the theory and the meditation can really be used at any time of transition.

For this reason, we will retain this $11 teleconference on our Teleconferences page for the month of October so those who would like to purchase it can do so. Also, we have added a 4-minute audio snippet from the call that provides a nice taste test.


March 31, 2016

On March 26, I released a YouTube called Ascension Game Changer which is now clocking over 5,000 views.

3 days later, on March 29 , I took some readings through dowsing…

  • Earth’s average Spiritual Vibration (SV):   6,580
  • Earth’s highest SV (in Chili):  7,450
  • SV on Susan’s & my properties in Vilcabamba Ecuador:  7,300
  • SV of Vilcabamba Ecuador:  7,000
  • Earth’s average Schumann Resonance (SR):  17.5
  • Earth’s highest SR (in Chili):  35.5
  • SR on Susan’s & my properties:  33.5 – 35
  • SR of Vilcabamba:  34

Next, I took a look at the YouTube statistics. Using the number of minutes people actually watched, then dowsing as an alternative source of input, I got that only 577 people (in over 4,000 views on 3/29) actually watched the entire video, did the exercise, and raised the Schumann Resonance in their location.

51% were in the US, i.e., 284 people.

  • Average SR for the whole of the US on 3/25 (the day before the YouTube was released):  10
  • Average SR for the whole of the US on 3/29:  15.5
  • To what degree was the exercise successfully completed by people watching the YouTube responsible for the increase?  95%
  • To what degree was the increase the normal ascension process?  5%
Looking at Australia, where there were only about 15 people who did the exercise (3.4% of the viewers).  Just trying to see what type of difference this made when the number of people is small…
  • Average SR for the whole of the Australia on 3/25 (day before the YouTube was released):  4.5
  • Average SR for the whole of the Australia on 3/29:  6
  • To what degree was the exercise successfully completed by people watching the YouTube responsible for the increase?  90%
  • To what degree was the increase the normal ascension process?  10%

Then, I posed some additional questions…

  • How many people would it take, worldwide, doing the exercise to create a phase transition?  5,000
  • To what degree is the distribution of people across the world important?  60%
  • If 50% of the people continue to be in the US as views increase, would the phase transition still be possible?  Yes

I found these results extraordinary!  Very happy and hoping the YouTube continues to be shared…


January 23, 2016

2016 Earth & SnowI just posted what may be the most important blog I’ve written in the past 6 years, since I started writing blogs.  It took me two days to craft it. Which is about triple the time it normally takes me to write one.  But the information contained in 2016: Your Back Is Up Against the Wall is super important for anyone on a spiritual journey.  I hope you’ll take a few moments to read and ponder it.


December 21, 2015

LuciaRene AuthorI’m so pleased to welcome you to my new website.  We’ve been working for months, behind the scenes, to create something for you that raises your vibration when you just enter the door!

It’s all about the art of impeccability.  As you strive to make something impeccable, you are lacing it with the highest strands of your attention.  If you succeed, someone can simply touch it with their awareness and feel the power.  Not power, of course, in the Patriarchal sense—power over.  But the richness and subtlety of power that comes from the depths of silence.

I really hope you enjoy visiting the various pages of the website as much as I’ve enjoyed building them for you.  A very warm welcome!