2011: To Predict or Not to Predict

Lucia René

Mini World for Translations  This blog has been translated into Chinese.


Always at the beginning of a new year, a lot of predictions come out about what to expect in the times ahead:  psychic predictions, astrological predictions, channeled predictions…   Many were forwarded to me this year and, try as I might, I could not bring myself to read a single one.

I normally at least scan these yearly predictions, wanting to know what others are seeing and feeling.  So why was 2011 different?   Was there something wrong with me?  Was my intuition to avoid them correct?  I became curious.

I discovered I didn’t want to know.   I didn’t want to read visions of the future.

We’ve entered a time of alchemy on Planet Earth.   Anything is possible.   We can co-create.  We can manifest.   We can make extraordinary leaps in consciousness – on a personal as well as a collective level.

If we hold a vision of the future, we can dream it into existence.   No problem.   We can dream any future we want at this point.   But whatever future we, as human beings, can dream, is pale when compared with the unbounded creativity of Spirit.

Why not leave it up to Her?  Why not say to Spirit, “I’m in your hands. I’ll play out any future that you feel is best for my evolution.   Take me this year and fling me as far as you can into the Light.”

Perhaps our personal job this year is just to be very present in every moment.

So while I don’t feel comfortable reading or making predictions for the future, I can tell you what I’m seeing in this moment:  Women have moved front and center on an energetic level.

During 2010, the work women did to stand in their power was done in the shadows—preparations being made behind the scenes.   With the winter solstice, that shifted dramatically.  The cosmic spotlight is now completely focused on women:   Women’s inner work of reclaiming their power and their ability to collaborate is center stage.

And, along with that of course, the reaction of men.   Some are responding with anger.  But many are breathing a sign of relief.  As women reclaim the solar energies within (action, passion, creativity, strength), men can relax out of the responsibility of holding the solar energy on the planet and feel supported in reclaiming their lunar side (receptive, nurturing, quiet, yin).

How will it all play out?   What will the dance of the rebalancing feminine/masculine energies look like in 2011?  What is the future for Mother Earth?

Why don’t we all just commit to doing the inner work of rebalancing our own internal solar/lunar energies, knowing that our personal work will affect the collective, and let Spirit handle the rest?