2016: Your Back Is Up Against the Wall

Lucia René

In one of his books, Carlos Castaneda recounts a story of the Mexican sorcerers of old. They had completed their apprenticeships. They were well versed in the arts of sorcery (mysticism, shamanism, whatever you want to call it). Then, the Spaniards arrived and began to push through the country, overriding the culture. Suddenly, the sorcerers found themselves with “their backs up against the wall”. Everything they knew, they had to begin using in order to resist, defend, and outsmart the invaders.

The point of Castaneda’s story was that having your back up against the wall is a fortunate position to be in. Those sorcerers suddenly had to own all of their knowledge. It was, in essence, the final phase of their education.

Now, as we begin 2016, that is exactly where we find ourselves. Our backs are up against the wall. We are challenged to put everything we have learned, up to this point in our spiritual journeys, into action. We are being invited to make the most phenomenal leap in consciousness ever known to humankind.

So how do we do that? How do you, personally, do that? How do you optimize your time this year to transform and upgrade yourself, completely?

There are two basic components. One is the playing field. That is the “where” of the equation. The other is the logistics. That’s the “how”.

The playing field has radically changed over the past few years. We’ve gone from structure to fluidity to formlessness.

It is as though we used to live on the banks of a river. And we had our lives all figured out. Our structures were built on solid ground and we knew how to navigate the landscape. Then, gradually, the energetic playing field forced us to give up our familiar land-based existence and get into the river.

Boat Bow and RiverSo we took our boats, pushed off from the side, and began to flow with the river’s current. That’s a little scary. You don’t know what obstructions you might encounter. Will there be rocks jutting up from the bottom? Is there a waterfall up ahead? But those of us on a spiritual path realized, at some deep level, that we had to sync up with this new energetic playing field or risk getting caught up in the tumultuous change on the shore and all of the resulting attempts to cling to structure. And we’ve done well.

Now, we are being invited to give up our boats, indeed, to give up the river. We’re being invited to relax into something more akin to the air and be swept up high above the terrain. Free and unbounded. Not fluid but formless.

River Aerial ViewFrom this vantage point, we can observe the structure of the land and the fluidity of the river. Allowing one’s Being to be carried by the air currents invokes a certain ease, a detachment. We can experience the grace of allowing the air to determine our course. A far less “personal” existence. A much more formless, Universal one.

As for the “how”, nothing has really changed. Spiritual transformation boils down to 1) clarify your Being and 2) empower yourself. So it has been throughout the history of spirituality. Clarify your egoic structure that holds you separate from Universal Light. And, as your Being becomes more clarified, cultivate Universal Light.

So how do you clarify your being? My method involves meditation and processing. Why? Because meditation stills the mental body and processing brings the emotional body to rest.

The goal of mediation is to quiet your mind, stop thought, and drop into Samadhi, a stateless state. Formlessness, in other words.

A processing technique allows you to dissolve your emotional baggage, egoic structure, belief systems, attachments, attractions, repulsions, and anything else that you hold as a protection or defense. You process in order to stop viewing life through the personal filter of the ego. The more you process, the more you view life through the lens of your inherent Universality.

Then, as you clarify your mental and emotional bodies, you can see how to reorg your life to be in accord with the nature of existence. The more you reorg your life, the more you repair and strengthen the embodiment that houses consciousness. And as the embodiment becomes strengthened, it can absorb and retain more Universal Light. We call this empowerment. So the concepts of clarifying and empowering your Being work hand in hand.

There are many ways to empower your embodiment. Certainly meditation is the primary one because stilling the mind allows direct access to Universal Light. Also, you empower yourself by refining your diet, getting proper exercise, living an impeccable life, clarifying your environment, and surrounding yourself with beauty. By spending time alone, spending time in Nature, reading high-vibration spiritual books. By going to power places. And by sitting with those whose vibration exceeds your own—by meditating with them, learning from them. Someone who has fully clarified and empowered his or her Being is, in essence, a mobile power place.

Clarify and empower. Clarify and empower. Nothing has really changed.

But here is where the logistical “how” and the playing field “where” dovetail as we begin 2016…

By clarifying your being, you strip away anything that prohibits you from being in sync with the energetic playing field.  By empowering your being, you gradually become the playing field.


So, unless you still don’t know how to meditate and/or process, there is really nothing you need to learn to do this year in order to transform yourself and optimize your ascension. There are only things to undo.

If you honestly want to use this year for high-speed transformation, 2016 will be very personal. And very much in the moment. Use world events as a mirror to reflect what you need to process in your own ego. Don’t cling to the past playing field. Don’t worry about the future playing field. If you put your full attention on clarifying your being, you will gradually, automatically, become more and more in sync with the formlessness of the time.

2016 Earth & Snow

The Earth is ascending in vibration (as those who track her Schumann resonance have proved) and will continue to ascend this year. The more you clarify and empower yourself, the more in tune with her ascension you can be. In 2016, we will be forced to clarify and empower. We will be forced to sync up with the Earth’s vibration. And, as a result, this is the year we can take it all the way home!


So you see why this year is of extreme value? You see why having your back up against the wall is the optimal place to be?

Next year, you won’t have that incentive. The energies will relax in 2017. The massive shifts for this phase of the planet’s ascension will be complete. The energetic playing field will even out. We’ll know how to navigate formlessness and we’ll begin to focus our attention on dreaming a new world—the world we have all longed for. And that will be lovely.

But the clarity of attention you will bring to that long-awaited task will be the direct result of all of your spiritual work. How far do you want to take your quest for Truth? How clear do you want to become? How empowered?

An invitation like this only comes along once in a hundred lifetimes. Take it!  This is the year. Optimize it!  Don’t mark time, waiting for things to blow over. Seize this opportunity and become everything you can Be.