A New World of Formlessness

Lucia René

Back in 2011, I witnessed the first splitting of the worlds.  It was a subtle, energetic shift where those opting to ascend with the planet, and those who preferred playing on the field of duality, moved apart.  There have been a few of these energetic splittings since then.  And each time, the two worlds have become more distinct.

On the recent solstice, June 20, 2016, those two worlds glided free of each other. Free to follow their own distinct destinies.  Free to experience their own schoolings to the utmost.

To those who have opted to continue to play in duality, I bid you a final farewell and many blessings for a good journey.

Those of us who have opted to align with our Mother Planet, who is continuing her ascension process at lightning speed, now have a different home base. At the precise moment of the Solstice, with the soft click of a combination lock reaching its final position, we moved from fluidity to formlessness.

Blog New World of FormlessnessFor some time, we have had access to increased formlessness.  We have been invited to release more and more baggage in order to move into formlessness. But now, formlessness dominates the playing field and the only real structure which remains is that we cling to in our own minds.

How do you sync up with formlessness?  There is no new news about moving out of structure, through fluidity, and into formlessness.  Clarify your being.  In other words, meditate to bring the mental body to rest.  Process to bring the emotional body to rest.  Intend to become formlessness itself.  Simply this.

This New World of formlessness is infinitely still and void.  All hell may break loose around you, or within your field as you clear things out, but, at the end of the day, if you have taken up residence in this world, your Being remains steeped in the still and the void and the chaos of the other world and its remnants has nothing to do with you.

This world of formlessness is a silent space, out of which new ideas incubate effortlessly.  It is a silent space in which a tiny acorn can grow into a majestic oak tree at the speed of light.  It is a world in which the old playing rules no longer apply.

If you watched The Matrix movie recently, you may remember the scene where Morpheus takes Neo into a white space with only 2 chairs and a television.  It is a clean-slate “loading program” onto which any type of software can be inserted.  That’s where we are.  And that is the beginning of recognition that the computer programs with which we have played for the last 5,000 years can now be boxed up and put on the warehouse shelf.

We are free.  We always have been, really.  Only the illusion that we were bound up in a system of control.

We are creators.  We always have been.  It is what we incarnated into this Universe to learn.  And we’ve been busy creating participation in a system of control because doing so was for our highest learning.  That’s done.  Unless you want to cling to it in your mind, your habits, your lifestyle…  No more playing rules. We can now create anything we want.

What dominates my awareness field since the Solstice is the masculine.  The masculine is rising up, en masse, seeking the embrace of the Divine Mother. For my part, I welcome working with any of these masculine energies that wish to seek out my field.

The masculine rising up implies that, on an energetic level, the Divine Feminine is fully re-established on the planet.  For years, I have worked almost exclusively with women, helping them reclaim their power.  That work is complete.  The Divine Feminine energies no longer hold center stage.

When I asked the other day, “Where exactly are we at?”, I heard “Clean up”. For the next 3 months, I suppose.  Then, at the coming September Equinox, we’ll be graduating to something new…