A Peaceful Revolution

Lucia René

   This blog has been translated into Chinese, Polish and Spanish

In the early 80’s, Rama, who was my spiritual teacher in this and other lives, used the following analogy about political activism: “If the boat is going in the right direction, then you leave it to the captain and the crew to run the boat. If it’s headed for the rocks and if you can’t talk the captain and the crew into turning it around, then you need to have a mutiny.”

In 2002, when I received my directive to facilitate the dismantling of the underlying structure of the Patriarchy in alternate dimensions, remembering Rama’s words helped bolster my confidence about my spiritual activism that is captured in Unplugging the Patriarchy.

Fast forward to 2011, which appears to be shaping up as the year of dismantling our corrupt patriarchal system on a physical level. Many have predicted that this summer will involve big changes and, for those who care to dig into the alternative media, there is certainly evidence of this—many YouTube videos of people rising up in protest all over the world. Things are heating up.

And they need to. Massive changes are heading our way—both inwardly and outwardly. Whether we like it or not, revolution is in the air.

But revolution doesn’t have to be violent. Messy, yes. Change is always a little messy. But we don’t have to respond to the ever-escalating police state with violence. We have two peaceful alternatives at our disposal.

First, we can do the inner work of unplugging our energies from the fear-based patriarchal system by dismantling our buy-ins to it. If we are willing to do the work of clearing our own egoic structure, we make a significant contribution to elevating the collective consciousness. The Patriarchy only exists, you know, because we give it our permission to do so.

Second, if we feel it is our calling, we can engage in spiritual activism. Does this mean protesting in the streets? Educating our friends as to what is really going on in the world? Doing energetic work for the planet and her peoples? Only you can know what form of spiritual “mutiny” is best for you. What actions are filled with light when you scan them? What is your body feeling pulled to do?

This morning, a friend forwarded me a new YouTube video about Anonymous, a group of “hackivists”, computer hackers who are engaging in political activism in order to disrupt the system in a peaceful way. Watching it was such a high! And afterwards, in meditation, as the feeling of that video lingered in my awareness field, it helped me look into the inner planes and see 2011 in a clearer way. So much light on the inner planes with regard to this energy of change. So much open space. Such a growing sense of freedom when you tap into this activism around the world.

There’s no question that Light has the upper hand at this point. No question that the global elite is fractured and fighting for their lives. The only question is what role are you playing during this all-important year of 2011?

If you’re sitting on the bench waiting for someone else to solve the world’s problems, you’re missing the best part of the incarnation. You’re missing the culmination of this grand experiment in consciousness we all came here to Earth to take part in.