Are you game for a boost in your evolution?

Lucia René

I first received a Transmission of Light in the L.A. Convention Center in 1983.

My friend and I arrived early for a spiritual lecture and jostled to get seats in the second row of the convention center’s vast auditorium. A tall American man walked onstage, sat down, and began talking. He was extremely knowledgeable and extremely funny, and I liked him right away.

When it was time to meditate, he suggested that we keep our eyes open. Absurd! An open eye meditation? But as I sat there, meditating, while mentally complaining, he looked at me.

When I met his gaze, I left this world. In that moment, it was as though the Light from his eyes formed a golden tunnel, and I was pulled through to the end. Suddenly there was no time and no space. The room didn’t exist. Nothing existed. I was poised on the edge of Nothingness. It was the most beautiful experience I had ever had, and I longed to have it over and over again. It felt like coming home, like finally coming home after being away for a long, long time.

I had spent my entire life searching for something, and, finally, I had found it. I not only saw it within him, but his Transmission of Light allowed me to see it inside of myself. It blew away my mental and emotional processes long enough to allow me to simply STOP and glimpse my own Universality—something that had always been there but had been overlooked. And, through the years, his repeated Transmissions of Light provided enormous boosts to my evolution.

Of course, integrating that increased Universality and stabilizing it in my own awareness field didn’t happen in a moment. With time, I studied and mastered the art of organizing my life in a spiritually street-smart way. I learned to access, accumulate, store, and retain energy. I learned how to streamline the way I navigated the world so as not to lose the energy of Universality I accrued.

Certainly, my spiritual teacher’s lectures explained the basics of how to accomplish this. But the real learning took place because I was able to hang out with him—someone who embodied this streamlined lifestyle. He used to tell his students:

“If you want to make a million dollars, apprentice yourself to a millionaire.
By hanging out with the person, you’ll pick up their mindset.
What they say to you about how to make a million dollars isn’t important.
What’s important is that your body of awareness will map to their expertise.
And it’s the same with Enlightenment.”

Through those years, my Being mapped, little by little, to his embodied knowledge of Enlightenment and, in the end, it literally got re-wired. The person who mastered the science of energy management didn’t even resemble the person who received that first Transmission of Light. (I remember sitting with my mother, one Christmas eve, looking through a family photo album, pointing to a young woman’s photo, and asking “Who’s that?” She turned to me with a look of disbelief. “Why, sweetheart, that’s you!”)

So I suppose the question for all of us is: “How serious are you about your evolution?” “What do you want out of life?” Many on a spiritual path want happiness, health, and peace. Others want an end to suffering or full-blown Self-Realization.

Whatever degree of Awakening you’re after, if my work resonates with you, why don’t you consider coming and hanging out for a bit? Two opportunities loom on the horizon for doing just that. At both, we’ll be doing Transmissions of Light, talking about how to integrate and stabilize more Universality in your life, and spending lots of time together.

Are you game for a boost in your evolution?

London – May 1-4
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Vilcabamba, Ecuador – July 25-31
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