Are You Ready to Take Back the Planet?

Lucia René

mini-world      This blog has been translated into German.


Take Back the Earth

For years, we’ve heard the phrase “Take back the planet”. And it’s time to do just that.

When something arises in consciousness repeatedly, I know that I’m witnessing an invitation. I sense it simply because my body goes into action. It detects an opening, feels it’s way onto the cutting edge of consciousness then acts.

In March, the question began arising, “How do we reclaim the planet for the original experiment in consciousness? How do we tell the Annunaki, the Global Elite & Company, those who co-opted the original experiment and have sought to control it ever since, that it’s time to walk away?” “How do we orchestrate a regime change?”

“It only takes one person, standing fully in her or his power, to utter that directive”, I was told. Looking back, I recognize those words represented a personal challenge. It took my attention off of rallying others in an attempt to create a hundredth monkey effect. It deposited the responsibility right in my own lap. It forced me to own the expanded realms in consciousness that have been accruing in my field as we navigate 2016 toward the climax of the Ascension.

Many Lightworkers heard that challenge and responded in their own ways. Perhaps you are one of them.

As for my response to the challenge, first, allow me to define my notion of “standing in your power”. It is not to stand against something. Nor is it to stand for something. But rather to stand in the neutral, reconciled state where the polarity of for and against comes to rest.

No judgment, in other words, about the injustice perpetrated by the Global Elite. No preference for Light over dark. You must stand fully in Universal Consciousness, which transcends all polarities. Once you embody that vibration, there is no personal ego. All that remains is Universality. So, in essence, it is Universal Consciousness that issues the order to hand over the reins of power.

TTofT Logo with 2016 MediumDuring April, I traveled to Berlin with my colleagues, David Manning and Susan Gash, for the first of our Treasure Trove of Transformation workshop series. Germany holds the knowledge of how to engineer consciousness. It has been forgotten to a large extent. Germany now prides itself on engineering 3D Mercedes. But a long time ago, the land could be utilized to engineered consciousness itself.

As I sat with this regime-change notion in Germany, a tumbler fell into place. “When it’s time for regime change, it happens in Germany”. Just think for a moment about the history of Germany and the two great world wars. The goal was world domination.

As with anything in life, intent is key. One can seek to engineer a regime change in order to dominate the world. Or, one can tell the Global Elite it’s time to leave. One must always look behind the action, to the energy that animates it. The important question is: “How are you aligned?” If you are aligned with Light, then the act of engineering a regime change, for the highest benefit of all, is a happy thing, no?

At this juncture, David, Susan, and I realized we had traveled to Germany not only to do a workshop but also to take back the planet. Tremendous energy came through that workshop and, as a result, everyone took a giant leap in consciousness, including the three of us. But the day following the workshop, we hit a brick wall.

Suddenly, I was so fatigued that I begged off of going out for lunch and went to bed. Upon awakening, when David and Susan returned, I began to question the sudden alteration in consciousness and grabbed my pendulum to do some dowsing. How many curses do I have at present? Seven. How many entities are in my field? Seven. How many demons? Seven. “What the hell is going on?”

David and Susan reported their own symptoms: fogginess, confusion, a blah feeling attributed to after-the-workshop blues… The logical conclusion was that we were under lower-occult attack. And after a lengthy discussion and some personal processing, we cleared the problem. Or so we thought.

With the workshop complete, we took the train to Baden-Baden, in the south of Germany, for our one-week holiday. Baden-Baden is a powerful spot on a mystical level. Mineral waters underlie the city. The Bilderbergers met there to access its power. And it is where the European Royals go to take the waters. Looking more closely into the city’s energy, it dawned on me that we too could use this energetic portal to aid our quest to take back the planet. “Perhaps our decision to vacation in Baden-Baden wasn’t arbitrary after all.”

Each morning, before venturing out to take the waters and eat fine food, we discussed the energetics of regime change and meditated. In each meditation, Susan aligned with the Earth and facilitated an energetic cross-bar axis which stabilized the planet. David traveled outside of the known universe where he perceived what appeared to be a control mechanism.

Matrix 2And I rose into a space that surrounds the planet, into an encoded field of programming that film enthusiasts call “The Matrix”. Painful but fascinating at the same time. “Don’t resist,” I told my body. “Simply feel it and burn through its energy.”

All of this meditation and energetic work on behalf of the planet served to raise our spiritual vibrations even higher. BAM! We were hit again. Exactly the same symptoms. And the same statistics after dowsing! Seven of this. Seven of that.

Suddenly, the seven deadly sins came to mind. Which, in turn, led us to the realization that we were not experiencing a lower-occult hit; we were bumping into a curse, a curse that had been encoded into the matrix to prevent humans from exiting. Beware. Dangerous territory. Not sanctioned by the church. ‘If you try to exit the matrix, you’ll be hit, and hit hard, only to fall back to Earth to grabble with pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed.’

Okay. Now we could see the playing field clearly.

During our next meditation, we again took up our respective positions on the inner planes. Now I had a better notion of what I needed to burn through in order to dismantle the Matrix for myself. I gritted my teeth and began. But a couple of minutes into the exercise, I thought, “Wait a minute. I’m using an outdated energetic technique. The energies of 2016 support manifestation. There’s got to be an easier way.”

So, allowing my consciousness to expand, standing fully in my power, I issued a simple request to my guides: “The Earth and her peoples feel it is time to dismantle the Matrix in order to take back the planet. We ask that this be accomplished.”

Stillness for a full minute as the request glided out through space. And then, with more ease than I would have expected: “It’s done. Things will move quickly now.”

I sat with this for a moment. “Define quickly.”

There was a ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ reaction from my guides.

“Look,” I explained, “there are a lot of Lightworkers down here in the 3D who have been reincarnating forever, working tirelessly to ensure that the original experiment in consciousness doesn’t fail. Frankly, we’re burnt out. Your definition of quickly may differ from ours. We request that this be concluded by the end of 2016.”

“We can’t take the decision on our own,” they responded. But as I watched, a wave of light rolled out that seemed to stretch to the furthest corners of the universe. I realized it was a call to vote. And all sorts of reactions ensued. “We are good with that.” “It’s impossible to commit to that!” “Our DNA contribution to the experience may be lost.” …

But then the wave of Light, having reached the edge of the universe, began to return to Earth. Votes coming in, I assumed. The Light increased and intensified and finally reached a crescendo as a resounding “YES”.

“We can work with that,” I nodded. “Thank you.”

Bottom line: All it takes to exit the Matrix is to allow your awareness to expand to universal proportions, clearly state your intent, and open your heart in unconditional love in order to pacify any panic that arises in the body.

Are you ready? Ready to shatter your personal matrix? If so, we would welcome your company. When enough of us exit, we blow a hole in the Matrix that takes it out of existence.

It is time, my friends. It’s time to take back the planet.


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