Ascension Game Changer

Lucia René

This YouTube blog describes, in detail, how to do “a direct connect with the highest ascension energies on the planet“.  

The direct-connect exercise is ultra-simple and takes only a few moments.

But in order to set the stage for disseminating the exercise, I talk through the fascinating detective work Susan Gash and I have just completed about the Earth’s struggle to ascend.  For one week, we meditated, had psychic perceptions, dowsed, and did internet research–all of which led us to view the ascension problems faced by Earth and those who live upon her, from a totally new perspective. 

A small group of us have done the exercise, and experienced immediate results:  Our spiritual vibrations shot up.

If you are seeking to maximize your ascension, I hope you’ll listen to this very important message and, if it resonates with you, share it with your friends