Call Off the Ascension!

Lucia René

This blog has been translated into Spanish, Polish and Chinese.

Call off the Ascension
December 21, 2012 looms large before us. Predictions abound. “The financial system is going to crash.” “Energetic doorways are going to open.” “Prepare for the endgame!”

Funny. I thought the ascension was happening now. I thought it was a gradual process. Accelerating all of the time, yes, but present within us at every moment.

Are your outer circumstances challenging? Is your physical life falling apart? Didn’t they include these 2012 warnings in the manual they handed you when you arrived on the planet? Didn’t they tell you that those outer circumstances are just a reflection of your own mind?

You came here to evolve, pure and simple. You sought out the experience of embodying the Divine in a singular form–with all of its challenges and struggles and suffering. Sure, the 3D exists. Yes, it is challenging at the moment. But you chose to be here at the end of a cycle of time, a time when you can evolve at an extraordinary pace. What did you expect? You didn’t come to have families, build careers, and pay mortgages. Didn’t the manual say that? Experiences are transitory. They come and go. You’re born. You die. And, in between, you solicit experiences so you can evolve.

Have you paused recently to check in with your heart of hearts? Have you meditated, cleared your mind, and felt the silence within? Have you let go of the control you’re clinging to long enough to feel the ever-increasing fluidity in your awareness field?

Just stop.

THAT–that place of stopping–is where the so-called ascension lives: in the space between the thoughts, in the still point of existence. If you are looking for it outside of yourself, sometime in the future, you’re missing it.

It is closer than that. Closer than the outer circumstances. Closer than the thoughts and the emotions. Closer than the feeling of peace.

Closer still.