Choosing Not to Choose

Lucia René

As we build toward the September 2016 Equinox, it behoves us to pause and take stock of the situation.  “Unprecedented”, comes to mind. Never before have human beings been asked to change so quickly and completely. Never has the invitation to merge with Oneness been this seductive, this volatile, nor, thank heavens, this easy.

Anything that blocks our true essence is now asking to fall away.  And Eternity, in her infinite patience, provides us with one opportunity after another—to react, to process, and to dismantle.

Have you read the Tibetan Book of the Dead?  I’m fond of the Evans-Wentz translation.  I have an old, beat-up copy that I pull down from the shelf every now and again.

The Tibetan monks loved to quantify, classify, and categorize.  Bless their souls.  They were all men, of course.  So to be expected.  But it’s helpful—that male tendency.  And we thank them for their diligence. One can take it in on an intellectual level of course. But so much yummier to sink down into the energy that animated their quest for Truth and feel the various vibrations of the “bardos” they describe.

“Oh, nobly born” the book addresses the dying and the dead over and over again.  I always liked that phrase.  Still use it, in fact.  For things like the secret phrase on my back account.

tibetan-bardo-tankaBut the idea laid out in The Tibetan Book of the Dead is that upon death, we pass through a series of bardos, symbolized by specific colors and qualities of Light and the trick is—and here we use that ever-helpful phrase, “Be neither attracted nor repulsed”—to resist being seduced into any of them. Because, the book instructs us, if we can hold the course, through all of the various bardos, we enter the “Clear Light”.  Ah. Home free.  No more reincarnations playing games with the various experiences offered by each bardo of lesser-quality Light. Just merging with the Clear Light and allowing Source to dictate our choice.

In other words:  Choosing not to choose.

Of course, the Tibetan Book of the Dead applies to life, as well as death.  And, interestingly, we find ourselves in a heightened time of, what you might call, passing through the bardos.

Can you resist your urge to hang onto you current identity and allow it to fall away?  Can you follow your deepest intuition and make an unprecedented leap in consciousness?  Can you—and we switch to the language of Mysticism—change the location of your assemblage point?

The location of your assemblage point in your subtle physical body dictates your reality.  Shifting and stabilizing the assemblage point into a new location opens up a completely different window of perception.

In the old days, your mystical teacher shifted your assemblage point (then gave you a hard time if you couldn’t sustain it in the new location). Now, life takes care of that for us.  Just surrendering to whatever arises in consciousness, moment by moment, and letting Spirit, in a very fluid way, move the point at which awareness assembles.  How lovely.  How challenging!  But think of the possibilities!  Enormous. Unprecedented.

full-circle-completion-puzzleThe way I see it, the invitation is currently on the table to come full circle. To come back into the fullness of our Beings. To eradicate whatever it is that obscures our true nature and become all we can be.

How are you doing out there? How is the re-org going? Have you rebooted your internal computer?

Or, are you allowing your fear to hold you back? Are you putting your foot on the brake and opting for one of those lesser bardos?

My advice? Don’t let fear hold you back from ANYthing. Fear is just a vibration on the emotional spectrum. Painful, yes. But navigable. Very navigable. Become best friends with fear and let’s get on with it. Shall we?


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