Z Female Conditioning DVD Humorous Outtakes

Here are some DVD outtakes–video footage that ended up on the cutting room floor:

In the clip above, Lucia had been taping for awhile and was getting tired.


Lucia felt that adding pictures to the workshop footage was very helpful to those watching the DVD, but in this serious Mechanics of Perception segment, one photo overlay didn’t work.


While Lucia was taping the instructional segments that tie the workshop footage together, there were sometimes unexpected interruptions.


In this outtake, Lucia is trying to tape a segment which tells viewers to pause the video, but to no avail…


In the segment above, Lucia admires the stalwart attitude of the German women who attended her workshop in Berlin.


One of Lucia’s Scottish Terriers takes center stage.


Throughout the DVD, Lucia references the Roman Catholic Church and the fact that it has–more than any other institution–had a negative impact on women.  In the final take captured above, she reflects on a possible contender for that title.