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Most women carry heavy baggage into this life from the 5000-year Patriarchy. There is often a long-ago incident – a brutal experience with a defining charge – which shows up as a pattern, lifetime after lifetime. When a woman pulls the linchpin that holds the pattern in place, she immediately drops the baggage, spirals up, and recognizes that what she perceived to be her weakest point is actually her strongest. The original intention of this series of calls was to pull past-life linchpins, however, over the course of the series, both Lucia and Victoria discovered that in fact the journey was more about clearing the path to finding these patterns themselves rather than just pulling linchpins. Funnily enough, the series begins and ends with linchpins being pulled, while the calls in between provide insight into a depth of processing and skills never before covered in Lucia’s offerings. If you’ve reached a roadblock in your processing, then this series of calls is for you as it will introduce you to the next level of awareness required to plumb the emotional depths that have their roots far from this incarnation.

Listen to an audio introduction to the series here.

Feedback from the series: “A superb series of calls, I feel deeply touched and transformed. I am so grateful to you both.” David, London.

Listen to the process just preceding the pulling of a linchpin and the resulting burst of energy that ensues when it is pulled here (thanks to Erin, NYC, for allowing us to share this).

Call 1 – Betrayal, Church, Bodhisattwas, & Inside/Outside

  • Audio snippet: July 21, 2012
  • Teleconference description: On this call Lucia and Victoria explain how to identify a defining charge linked to a repeating pattern in this lifetime, pick up the energetic line that connects incidents in the pattern, follow the line to the heart of the pattern in a past-life, then unravel the pattern by pulling the linchpin at the end of the line. For women on the call who cannot see their past-lives, they receive help identifying a pattern and are guided to the next step in their ongoing process of following the line. For women who have already traced the line back to a past life, they are assisted in pulling the linchpin and experiencing the revelation that comes when they see why they choose the pattern. By energetically mapping the work done by the women who participated in this call, you too can experience the power of this mystical technique and gain insight into how to identify, explore, and release your own patterns.
  • Feedback: “What a superb experience. I can’t thank you enough. Lucia and Victoria are a great team. All week long I have felt something building to this. It was an event for me.” DM, London “I went completely into the processing that was going on in the call…I get what you mean…about processing for the collective now. It is all connected. It is possible to do this work on your own. The work is fueled by listening to others. We do it for all of us as we are all connected.” Ulrika, Sweden


Call 2 – Road blocks & Blindspots to Tracking Linchpins

  • Audio snippet: August 18, 2012
  • Teleconference description: In this call Lucia and Victoria explore the various road blocks and blindspots you may encounter as you try to track the line of your linchpins. Shame and guilt are usually the first emotions we encounter that tempt us to turn back and look no further. We learn that only by plumbing the ugly depths of the emotional swamp can we hope to grab hold of the line and track it down to it’s source. Relentlessly shifting through the emotional debris helps to bring each new piece of the puzzle to light. The call contains many essential tips for tracking consciousness and translating the various signs into useful guidance. It also includes a powerful meditation where Victoria guides us into a state of vibratory awareness.
  • Feedback: “I am loving the telecons and am gaining in insight. I can relate in varying degrees to everything that comes up so thank you to everyone who shares – I don’t have the opportunity to relate to other women at that level to any degree in my daily life so it is a gift”. Jane, South Africa.


Call 3 – Back to Basics

  • Audio Snippet: September 22, 2012
  • Teleconference description: During this call we have a great opportunity to re-visit some emotional processing basics. Demonstrating their adept skills at navigating the different realms, Lucia and Victoria move from participant to participant, meeting them where they are at and prognosing corrective steps to take to move them to the next awareness level. For some, it is getting in touch with the raw emotion, for others, a mystical task is prescribed and others still, an honest look at how and when they have played polar-opposite roles to that which they are experiencing. All-in-all, the call is an interesting buffet of some of the stages of progression on the path to self-awareness. There will certainly be one or more caller with whom you can relate and identify with and thus benefit from the guidance given. (Please note on the recording how the energetics of the processing interfered with the audio at different points – evidence of just how powerful our emotional bodies can be! We hope this won’t distract from your enjoyment of the call).


Call 4 – Dredging the Emotional Swamp

  • Audio Snippet: October 20, 2012
  • Teleconference Description: Following on from last month, this call further fleshes out the importance of having an emotional processing technique and the necessity of really dredging the emotional depths. Unless the emotional body is cleared to this extent, one cannot proceed to identifying, let alone unraveling, past-life linchpins. During the call, which is done using an open-forum format, Lucia and Victoria share valuable insights in relation to issues such as fear, anger and self-hatred, among others. They stress the importance of really going down into the emotions and being honsest about their content, but caution that this must be done with the attitude of a Witness. As Victoria says “If you go into an emotion without the Witness, you’re filling the bucket rather than emptying it.” This call is for novices and seasoned practitioners alike, as you’re never too experienced to have an emotional blind-spot.


Call 5 – Lifting Configurations

  • Audio Snippet: November 17, 2012
  • Teleconference Description: This is quite possibly the most potent of all 5 calls in the Pulling Past-Life Linchpins series. This is not to say the other calls are of less value, in fact, they lay the necessary foundation for this thrilling finale. The impetus for this particular call came from a recent ‘upgrade’ Lucia received on the day of the recent Solar Eclipse. She explains that on one’s birthday, the soul is lined up with its ‘home star’ and that the kundalini is the ‘phone home’ to reach that star. She then guides us through that experience and beyond, to a point where we can allow troublesome configurations to be ‘lifted’ from our awareness field. Both Lucia and Victoria then finish off with pulling a past-life linchpin of one of the participants, while helping further the progress towards this in others. All in all the perfect culmination of the 5 month journey together.
  • Feedback: “Thank you for the meditation. I asked for a deep let go of my resistances and fears of becoming totally fluid. I felt I got a total upgrade. I don’t know where the mind went. I think the stillness just filled it. All parts feel very open: body, mind, lightbody or however you name them.Thank you for hosting this call and thank you everyone who created the circle that made this possible.” Ulrika, Sweden.