Divine Feminine – Game Point

Lucia René

We are approaching the most monumental shift the Earth as ever undergone—the December 2018 Solstice.

I can feel it in my body.  Can you?

Mother Earth, Mother Divine, and those women who are clocking the solstice energy, have begun to take a stance. A stance for what? The total reclaiming of feminine power so that we might, finally, balance feminine/masculine energies on the planet.

The 5,000-year Patriarchy has been long and brutal. The objective to repress consciousness has been highly effective and has reached a frenzied pitch.

Get ready to say good-bye to those two concepts. Get ready for an Era of Egalitarianism where the feminine and the masculine stand side-by-side, each respecting the others’ gifts.

But before you start to celebrate, know that we, as women, have a lot of work before us:

  • Between now and the December Solstice, we are being asked to reclaim, as much as we are able, our true spiritual essences—all of which are aspects of the Divine Mother’s energy spectrum—and to stand with Mother Earth, giving her our full support.
  • After the December Solstice, as the global systems reset, many of you will be called to the front lines in order to stabilize, heal, and mentor and, in doing so, will polish the diamond of your own Being through selfless-service.

I am currently focusing my full attention on the task between now and the Solstice. And I am hoping many of you feel pulled to do the same.

Nothing is ever for certain. As Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of War, “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent”. And the opposition to rebalancing the planet is the long-standing, well-orchestrated movement to oppress consciousness rather than foster it; to oppress women rather than honor them.

But do you know the story of the Bhagavad-Gita? Lord Krishna (avatar and incarnation of Vishnu) offers Prince Arjuna (on the brink of a great battle to take back his kingdom) the choice of thousands of troops or Himself as sole advisor. Arjuna opts for Krishna and goes on to win the day.

Recast Lord Krishna with the Divine Mother, then rise above polarized opposites such as battles and you will tap our potential.

We may have been fighters in the past. We may have experienced anger and frustration. But now, we are being asked to rise above our grievances and our polarities and to simply stand. To stand in solidarity with Mother Earth and Mother Divine, a standing that resonates as: Enough is Enough.

Can you be counted on?

Consider carefully before saying “yes”. We must give our full support to the Earth to change and morph in whatever way she needs in order to right her body. We must give our full support to Mother Divine to change and morph the puzzle pieces of the Patriarchy in order to recycle them into a New Earth. We must be prepared to give our very lives, if that is, indeed, what is demanded.

For this December Solstice is “game point”, the point that decides the planetary outcome once and for all.

We’ve waited a long time. But finally, our moment has come.



Lucia hosted a teleconference for women, to discuss these issues in depth, on December 2, 2018. Prior to the call, she released an mp3 file called Divine Feminine Game Point Prelude. You can find both in our free library on the Public Teleconferences page.