Hamburg’s Female Archetype Factory

Lucia René

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In the 1990’s, while traveling in Germany, I sensed that the land there had something to do with engineering. Now, of course, the Germans engineer classic Mercedes, sleek airports, and fast trains. If you move your awareness back, however, if you follow that line of energy all the way back to ancient times, Germany holds the knowledge of how to engineer consciousness.

I recently traveled to Hamburg to give my first Women Standing in Their Power workshop. Why is the first workshop in Germany, I asked myself? Why Hamburg?

The night of my arrival, I gave a talk and book signing. A young woman, who exuded tremendous clarity and strong intent, approached me afterward. She explained that Spirit had sent her to Hamburg to do energetic work with its portals–shafts of light that dot the city landscape. “When you walk through some areas of Hamburg,” she explained, “you periodically find yourself enveloped by a gush of bright energy–a sort of elevator of light. There are quite a few of them. These portals can take energies and manifest them in the global mental realm.”

That night in bed, I let my awareness pool out over Hamburg, and focused on the portals of light. Somehow, they were all connected. They looked like a big machine.

At breakfast the next morning, I asked my German host about the city and learned that its proximity to the main trade routes of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea has made it a major port. In the1800s, Hamburg became known as Germany’s “gateway to the world”. By 1912, its harbor was the third most important port in the world, after London and New York.

The following day, 36 women attended the workshop. They were beautiful, powerful, and keen to clear their patriarchal conditioning. We spoke of the 12 female archetypes that have been handed down from the matrilineal era, investigated how they had been fractured, polarized, and corrupted during the patriarchal age, and explored various methods of reconciling these polarities so as to reclaim the power of the 12. We cried and we laughed–as women do when they meet together and speak from the heart.

As soon as I returned to the US, I received an email from my Hamburg host. “Many women are still processing the issues that arose for them.” Are they okay, I wondered? Did I unearth too much and leave them stranded? It was my very first Women Standing in Their Power workshop. It certainly wasn’t as succinct as the one that followed in Berlin (more about Berlin in a later blog).

But then I took a second look–this time as a mystic. What I perceived on the inner planes was fascinating.

Hamburg is a machine composed of many portals of light. And the women of Germany remember. They remember how to engineer consciousness.

Whether they are aware of it or not with their conscious minds, the workshop participants are performing a service to the world. As soon as they began to wrestle with the energies of the 12 ancient archetypes, the portals of Hamburg picked those energies up and began to create energetic structures. There is now a factory engineering archetypal female consciousness, an assembly line that stamps out 12 products for consumption by the global mental grid. And those energetic lines that Hamburg originally accessed to create the great shipping routes out of her port? They are being used for worldwide distribution into the collective consciousness. In other words, there are women in Hamburg working overtime to make sure those 12 female archetypes are available everywhere.

Can you say “magic”? We’ve entered a time when anything is possible in terms of consciousness. Whatever we can dream at this point to facilitate the ascension, we can do.

What sort of magic are we really capable of? How far do we want to take it?