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A Message from Lucia


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you. I’m delighted that you have found your way to my website and would like to encourage you to take advantage of the many resources.

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But before you venture off to explore, I’d like to address a question I am frequently asked—one that you may have asked yourself…


How do I unplug from the Patriarchy
and align with the New Paradigm?

The old, patriarchal paradigm is a system of hierarchy, control, oppression, and fear. If you want to accelerate your Ascension process in order to take up residence in the fluid energies of a heart-based world, and move beyond into even higher, more refined levels of consciousness, here is my checklist:


Unplug your energies from the old paradigm

The first step is to unplug your energies. The old paradigm is being dismantled. If you hang onto the paradigm of the Patriarchy, you run the risk of being dismantled along with it. Unplugging doesn’t mean getting off of the grid. It means withdrawing your energies from the system by reconciling whatever polarities you hold in your awareness field that keep you plugged into that system.

The easiest way to activate this process is to read Unplugging the Patriarchy. It is not a book. It’s a mystical experience disguised as a book. By reading it, you begin or accelerate the process of unplugging to whatever degree you are ready, willing, and able. You don’t have to be a mystic to read it or even be aware of what is happening at a mystical level. Just read the detective story and enjoy turning the pages. That’s step one.


Infuse your being with New Paradigm energies

As soon as you can, get the Ancient Templates of Wisdom that I offer free. You don’t have to wait until you’ve finished the book. These templates are exquisite snowflake-like structures in the astral planes that are encoded with light—information about every aspect of awakened embodiment. They were placed on earth at the beginning of this grand experiment in consciousness so humans would have a template for how to embody universality. Having the templates is our divine right—a right that the ruling elite has attempted to keep hidden.

Once you have begun the process of unplugging your energies from the old paradigm, fill up your being with templates that will help you acclimate to the new one. Once you receive them, they go to work on their own. You don’t need to do anything, other than meditate on their ever-expanding light. After 3 weeks, they fully integrate and dissolve to become part of your being. Presto! Your system has been rebooted.


Align yourself with others of like-mind

We are all making choices at this time at the deepest level of our being. These choices are not conscious for most people, but in every case, we are all choosing the path that is optimal for our evolution: Either stay aligned with the old paradigm and play patriarchal games on that playing field or release our attachment to form and move into new paradigm formlessness. And in terms of our relationships with others, it’s important that we understand that. You are not God. Nor am I. We can’t know what is best for another. So allow everyone to exercise their free will.

But here is the important part. If there is anyone in your life who is not inclined to ascend into the new paradigm, your psychic bond with that person is probably holding you back at this juncture. You are not responsible for anyone else (unless you are raising a young child). You are here on planet Earth to evolve. If you are serious about ascension and someone’s energy is blocking your progress, it’s time to change the situation or move on.

Additionally, seek out people who are aligned with the New Paradigm and collaborate with them. If you are still struggling with the patriarchal polarity of male superiority / female worthlessness, perhaps it is best to collaborate with an all-female or all-male group. If you are well on your way to balancing your masculine/feminine energies, then collaborating with a mixed group may be more appropriate. You may feel it best to collaborate locally. You may wish to connect with others via the internet. The important thing is to surround yourself with people who are like-minded.


Unplug your mind

I meet lots of people who claim they want to ascend in consciousness, but they don’t have a daily meditation practice. To me, that’s a non-sequitur.

Meditation is one of two, absolutely essential, foundational blocks of a spiritual practice. We’ve been programmed to focus our attention on things outside of ourselves. Meditation is the only time we reverse that tendency and turn our attention inside—toward silence, the Divinity within, the only thing that is really important. IF, indeed, our intent is to ascend.

The mental body keeps us locked in logic, ideas, belief systems, defensive stories… It is crucial to bring the mental body to rest. And meditation is the only truly effective and long-lasting way I know to do that.

If you would like some basic instruction on meditation, or more advanced tips for updating your meditation practice for the New Paradigm, please visit my free Library and listen to the short mp3 on the Meditation Instruction page.


Unplug your ego

The second, essential, foundational block of spiritual practice is having a good emotional processing technique. Meditation brings the mental body to rest. Processing brings the emotional body to rest. Both pursuits are extremely helpful if we are to purify our being and move into higher states of consciousness.

As the old paradigm, patriarchal system unravels, it is crucial that you have a way to process your emotional baggage and dismantle your egoic structure. The Patriarchy is inside of us. The only way out of the Patriarchy is to go directly into the patriarchal energies inside of you—to meet, honor, embrace, and embody the fear at the root of every process. Your fears are your buy-ins to the patriarchal system. The physical Patriarchy only exists because we give it permission to exist. And we give it permission because we are afraid of change—afraid to move into the New Paradigm of consciousness that is more open, formless, and free.

Because so many people I meet have no technique for clearing their emotional baggage, I have created a free, one-hour mp3 file that is a concise rendering of the subject: The Mechanics of Perception & Processing. You’ll find it in my Library, on the Processing Instruction page. I consider it the most important audio on my website! And I invite you to take a few minutes to listen.



I suggest you fear nothing. At the end of the day, every human being is Universal consciousness. Everything, all polarities—light/dark, good/bad, masculine/feminine—are contained within us and, as we move toward full awakening, those polarities are gradually reconciled and, eventually, come to rest. We are all incarnate beings, here to have experiences, making a journey to completion.

I hope my checklist helps. If my website resonates with you, you will find that all of the above essentials are addressed within. And then some…