How to Weather Energetic Crunches

Lucia René

We are experiencing yet another energetic crunch. Are you feeling pressured? Are you noticing that many people around you are freaking out?

The type and quality of energetic crunches has changed over the years on planet Earth, but the fact that we have them remains a constant. The question is how to weather them. It helps to understand that there are 2 aspects that play out during these crunches.

First, they squeeze us.

If there is anything in our egoic structure that still needs to be brought to rest, it gets triggered. We may feel angry or tense or frustrated. We may be crankier than usual. All of these indicators reveal that ‘something is up in consciousness’, begging for our attention.

This is where a good emotional processing technique comes in. My method is to turn and look at the disturbance in the emotional body, welcome it, and give it space to manifest. It may cause the body to feel hot. It may burn in your cells. There may be waves of intensity moving through.

One trick is just to vent them—to allow them to manifest, rise up in waves, and exit up through the crown chakra. The key is not to resist the feelings.

The second factor is the collective.

This factor is more subtle. When there is an energetic crunch, you’re not the only one having problems. Everyone is having problems. And we pick this up psychically. The air waves are flooded with psychic and emotional debris from millions of people feeling the crunch.

It helps to sit in meditation, take a deep breath, and remind ourselves: “Most of this is not me.” Not always easy to know where to draw the line—the line between what is your own stuff and what is the collective. But in my experience, much of it is the collective.

So again, sit in meditation and allow whatever feelings are in the body to simply rise up in waves and vent through the crown chakra. Also, give yourself a break. Maybe you’re not going to be able to accomplish as much in the next few days, until the energetic crunch is over. Maybe you need to give yourself a day off to simply feel the energies.

Or, perhaps you need to remind yourself how painful it is to be in limited states of awareness, i.e., how difficult it is for most people, who are not consciously on a spiritual path, to undergo one of these crunches. Remembering this opens the heart, allows compassion for others to arise, and helps us feel a bit of compassion for our own process.

So rather than have an argument with someone who is pressing for resolution on a problem, give it a little space. Send a nice email that buys some time. Then, when the energies are more even, and everyone is a little more calm, tackle the problem and you’ll find that arriving at a solution is much simpler.

We’re probably always going to have these energetic crunches. Their purpose is to foster the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth. As uncomfortable as they are, they are for our benefit. So back up from the situation a little in order to gain some objectivity, always process your own stuff, and recognize that it’s not all you.

Best of luck out there in the trenches…