Extraordinary Shift in Consciousness

Lucia René

This blog has been translated into FrenchDutchGerman and Chinese.

Back on the winter solstice 2008, Mother Divine took the reins of power on planet Earth. Then, this past spring equinox, a summons went out to women all over the globe–a call for them to stand in their power. Not to stand against something, not even to stand for something, but to stand in the energy of the Divine Feminine, an alignment where the polarity of for and against comes to rest. For the past three months, women have stirred. Women have risen to a standing position. Women have moved to the front lines of consciousness.

Now, at the summer solstice, hundreds of thousands of women–in every country, in every culture–are standing in their power, creating the energetic vibration of “enough is enough”.

At the hour of the solstice, a solemn ceremony occurs. Mother Divine hands off the reins of power to these standing women. We may not feel like we are ready, but She does. With great seriousness, She entrusts the reins to women.

Next, the Divine Mother turns her attention to Mother Earth. Three times she strikes the Earth with her energy and three times the Earth’s vibration cycles up.

With the first strike, Mother Earth becomes more aware. With the second, she is catapulted into the Gulf. Oil. Mud. Devastation. The laughter of the global elite as it moves with the currents of a dying ocean. Their disregard for the planet and her peoples spewing out unchecked. The Earth clocks everything. Then the third hit. Her awareness ascends above water. New clarity. Deepened resolve. Focused attention.

She faces the global elite on the inner planes. She mirrors their energy back to them–the sinister energy of oil spills, devastation, disregard, and uncaring laughter. Now it is they who view the world through an oily haze. Now it is they who writhe in the pain of their own making. And, as a result, the machinery of their Patriarchy begins to grind to a halt.

Only three players left on the global playing field now: Mother Divine, Mother Earth, and a collective of women standing in their power. One by one, the hearts of the women open. A delicate network of rarefied energies connects and synchronizes. One by one, the energetic lines of a One Heart/One Mind surround the globe, clearly visible for all with eyes to see.

For women, 2,500 years is a long time to be limited to second-class citizenship. It’s a long time to be isolated from other women.

That time has past.

Take heart. The only thing that limits us now, is our limited view of ourselves.