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Often, people read Lucia’s book, Unplugging the Patriarchy, come to her website, and end up going through many of her archived Library audios. And it’s no wonder; there is a wealth of information in the free Library! We invite you to dip into the various archives and see what resonates with you…


Get started on the Empowerments right away. Many of them take time to integrate. Begin with one that appeals to you, then, while you allow time for integration, check out other archived audios…

Meditation Instruction

According to Lucia, a daily meditation practice is one of two foundational building blocks that is crucial on a spiritual path. The audio files on this page encapsulate the wisdom that has grown out of her half-century meditation practice, as well as her seeings about how to temper your practice in relation to New Earth energies. Whether you are completely new to meditation or a seasoned meditator of many years, we trust you will find helpful pointers on the Meditation page.

Processing Instructions

Lucia considers the mp3 files on this page the most important on her website! As a service to the ascended collective, she has recorded a brilliant, clear, easy-to-understand audio on perception and processing, the other foundational building block on your spiritual journey. “Must listen” comes to mind with regard to the audios on the Processing page.

Public Teleconferences

In the past, Lucia has done an abundance of free teleconferences. Many contain amazing guided meditations. If you are looking for adventure on the inner planes, there are many to be found in the Public Teleconference archives.

Lucia Interviews

When Unplugging the Patriarchy was released in 2010, Lucia did a wealth of interviews to publicize her book. Later, her interviews focused on her spiritual work. You’ll find any number of fascinating conversations in the Lucia Interview archive.


Lucia has released scores of YouTubes in past years with themes that range from simple processing tips to sophisticated Jyana Yoga discourses. We suggest closing your eyes and focusing on the sacred voice while you listen.

Dialogues with Amazing Teachers

Lucia is very keen on collaboration. And keen on introducing people to quality teachings. Over the years, she has recorded dialogues with some Amazing Teachers. We invite you to listen and expand your horizons.

Helpful Resources

Spiritual books and audio suggestions are plentiful on this page.  Also book and movie recommendations for women seeking to move beyond their patriarchal conditioning. For resource suggestions that have grown directly out of Lucia’s 50 years on a spiritual path, please visit our Helpful Resources page.


Thanks for stopping by our Library.  And happy listening!

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