Amazing Teachers

Below, please find interviews that Lucia did with some amazing teachers, whose work she recommends…

Victoria More

Victoria MoreLucia was joined by Victoria More (Alexandria in Unplugging the Patriarchy), a seasoned mystic and spiritual mentor.  Victoria has spent the last 20 years investigating the dualistic nature of the 3D ego and learning how to deconstruct the polarized and self-limiting structures that block us from accessing our own divine nature of infinite awareness.
10/15/11 Unification of Opposites (1 hr 32 min)


Leslie Temple-Thurston

What do people mean when they use the word “awakening” or refer to the awakening of the planet? Is awakening different than enlightenment? Lucia discusses the topic with co-host Leslie Temple-Thurston (Celeste in Unplugging the Patriarchy), a teacher of enlightenment, who, for over 30 years (now retired), wholeheartedly dedicated her life to inspiring spiritual seekers worldwide to awaken to higher states of consciousness.
12/03/11 What Is Enlightenment? (1 hr 41 min)


Pamela Wilson

pamela-aboutLucia interviews Pamela Wilson who was her mentor for several years. She currently functions as the human equivalent of a guide dog for spiritual seekers. She speaks the Truth of Advaita, Non-Duality – that the universe is one undivided whole. As she travels the world, teaching, she endears herself to many through her lighthearted humor, compassion, and deep understanding of what it is to be human.
04/13/14 Pamela Wilson Interview (1 hr 26 min)

Mary “Nalini” MacNab

maryLucia was joined by Mary “Nalini” MacNab (Jackie in Unplugging the Patriarchy), a life-long intuitive and clairvoyant, whose gifts allow her to see into the sacred architecture of an individual soul. During the conversation, Nalini talks about how we can identify our dharma in these transitional times.
11/05/11 Finding Your Soul’s Alignment (1 hr 49 min)