Ancient Templates of Wisdom


90 Ancient Templates

There is an ancient databank of higher wisdom on Planet Earth. It was stored here a very long time ago when life on this planet was just beginning. As incarnate human beings, the Ancient Templates of Wisdom in this databank are our divine birthright. But, up until now, we have been denied them. As this massive experiment in consciousness on Earth has unfolded, those who wanted control over the planet took control of these templates, limited access to them, and used them for their own ends.

Lucia first encountered the Ancient Templates in Peru in 2005—an ancient treasure trove of giant snowflake-like configurations each vibrating with a different energy—deep in the heart of the tropical mountain forest that cradles Machu Picchu. She was told to move them to the Caldera above Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Ancient Templates 3In April 2011, she traveled to the Caldera and was gifted with 90 templates which were to be used for humanity’s evolutionary process. 86 of these large templates made tiny replicas that flew inside of her subtle physical body in quick succession. There were 3 larger ones that moved inside as well.

The 90th was the master template—the mothership of them all, the template of the grand overall design for life on earth—and it cloned itself by emitting a tiny lightning bolt spark that entered her heart.

Ancient Templates Divine Spark GoldLucia began meditating on this Divine Spark of Existence every day. Gradually, it morphed into light and, each day, the light expanded a little more. After 2 weeks, the light had expanded into the full blown master template and the other smaller templates had found their proper resting place within the master template. By the end of 3 weeks, the entire configuration had fully integrated.

As she began transmitting the Ancient Templates to others, Lucia noticed that the final configuration for each individual was unique. The end result depended on the person’s soul, their level of evolution, their dharma, and what they needed in order to ascend.

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  • “I find myself being much more efficient, creative, and able to find immediate solutions to challenges. I realize as I reflect on the templates that I am, quite simply, using my energy in a much more focused and therefore powerful way: I am current with my life, and able to stay much more present, “read” signs, and follow my intuition.” -Christine, Michigan
  • “Receiving the templates was like something I have longed for—for a long time. I do not see too much, but they ‘felt’ exquisite!” Sanjula, Germany
  • “When I received the 90 Ancient Templates my unfolding shifted into warp speed. And since receiving the last 4…Holy cow! In these last few weeks the shifts that I am able to facilitate for myself and my clients has moved into the really-BIG-miraculous category.” Karen, Canada

Want to Receive the 90 Ancient Templates?

If you would like to receive the 90 Ancient Templates, there are 3 steps:

  1. Listen to the history of the templates
    04/30/11  History of the Ancient Templates (52 min)
  2. Receive the actual transmission
    04/30/11  Transmission of the 90 Ancient Templates (5 min)
  3. Listen to instructions on how to activate them
    04/30/11  How to Integrate the 90 Ancient Templates (1 hr)

(Please note that these mp3 audio files reference various chakras within the subtle physical body. If you have dismantled your 7-chakra system, no worries. The templates will simply enter and register at different locations in the subtle physical including your 3 dantian centers.)

Additional Helpful Audios

Audio SymbolThe following audio was a follow-up call for people who received the first transmission of the templates so they could talk about their experiences and ask questions:

05/14/11  Ancient Templates Follow-up Part 1  (1 hr  28 min)
05/14/11  Ancient Templates Follow-up Part 2  (41 min)


Ancient Templates 91-94

NOTE:  You should first acquire Templates 1 – 90 and allow 3 weeks for them to integrate before receiving these last four.


After stabilizing the 90 Ancient Templates, Lucia had the sense there were more.  A couple of months later, she was given access to Ancient Templates 91-94.  They are extremely refined and sophisticated:

  • 91  Formlessness
  • 92  Timelessness
  • 93  Universal Mind containing emptiness
  • 94  Universal Mind containing all of existence

To hear Lucia describe the last 4 templates in detail, listen to this teleconference:
July 17, 2011 Archived Teleconference.

(Please note that all Ancient Templates 91-94 audio files reference various chakras within the subtle physical body. If you have dismantled your 7-chakra system, no worries. The templates will simply enter and register at different locations in the subtle physical including your 3 dantian centers.)

Want to Receive Ancient Templates 91-94?

These 4 templates are available as a bonus to those who would like to:

  1. Donate financial support to Lucia’s work
  2. Learn how to transmit the templates to others

After donating, you can access numerous audio transmissions of templates 91-94, each followed by a lengthy Q&A session.

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  • “My experience since receiving the last 4 templates has been very striking. My meditations have a greater richness; I have fewer thoughts through the day; I have a greater sensitivity to the senses…I can feel the wind in a different way, I’m more aware of my clothing, I’m wanting to eat more interesting food. It’s really fun. I’m also noticing a greater comfort and easier acceptance of what is, a deeper acquaintance with peace…” -Erin, Calif
  • “I felt them coming and fell into a very deep meditation. I don’t know how to describe the experience, but I recognize these places. I have been there before. And was so happy to be there again. And, suddenly, I felt so lucky that maybe these last 4 templates will help me find these places more often!” -Ulrika, Sweden
  • “The only problem we have with these last 4 Ancient Templates is that people get so stoned during the teleconferences, they can’t participate in the Q&A afterwards!” -Lucia

Making Your Donation

There are 2 tiers of donations:

  • Silver for $27
  • Gold for $100

Both donations give you exactly the same benefits.  (Please note that Lucia’s Crown Chakra Publishing is a for-profit company, so donations are not tax deductible.)

Ancient Templates 91-94 - Silver
Ancient Templates 91-94 - Silver
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $27.00
Ancient Templates 91-94 - Gold
Ancient Templates 91-94 - Gold
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $100.00


Lucia in Cauldera

Lucia sneaking into the Caldera after dark to get the templates.