Exit the Matrix

Ascension Game Changer

The Earth is ascending in consciousness and those of us who live up on her body must by default ascend with her. In this call Lucia will share with you how to direct connect with the highest ascension energies (Schumann Resonance) of the planet. Doing this will benefit your individual ascension process and also support the ascension process of the Earth. (Please note that since this YouTube was released, the Schumann Resonance has increased dramatically and one can now direct connect to the Schumann Resonance at the core of the Earth. This new information is covered in Lucia’s YouTube, “Operation Clean Sweep”, below.)


Exit & Unplug The Matrix

Through storytelling, Lucia guides us to explore The Matrix which enslaves humankind. The YouTube is divided into two parts:  exiting then unplugging the Matrix. There is a pause between the two exercises, during which you can choose whether or not the time is right for you to unplug the Matrix. Give yourself time to digest the experience. You can return to this YouTube whenever you feel comfortable. And please be aware, that completing these exercises can temporarily destabilize the embodiment.

To download the audio, follow this link.  Or, watch on YouTube:


Operation Clean Sweep

Through storytelling and guided meditation, Lucia facilitates an energetic clean sweep to help you clear any confusion that has surfaced since exiting and unplugging the Matrix, as well as any remaining connectivity to the system of control that limits consciousness on Planet Earth.  The main purpose of this call is to empower you. You are your only true teacher. Find the courage to trust your own guidance. Have the fortitude to trust your own heart.

To download the audio, follow this link.  Or, watch on YouTube: