Meditation Instruction


Welcome to the Meditation Instruction page.  Whether you are completely new to meditation or a seasoned meditator of many years, we trust you will find helpful pointers in the audios that follow.

Lucia learned to meditate at University when she was 19. On this page, you can receive the benefit of her 5 decades of experience.

She has been trained in and practiced many forms of meditation during her extensive spiritual journey. And she constantly investigates the unfolding New Paradigm energies as they relate to meditation and, indeed, all facets of the spiritual path.

In the following audios, she provides her very best instruction on how to meditate…


Recorded just after we had stepped across the threshold into the New Paradigm, this first audio is a comprehensive overview of meditation practice.

It includes sections on why one might want to meditate, how meditation relates to the one’s spiritual journey, and the basics of how to do a sitting meditation taking advantage of New Paradigm energies.

How to Meditate (1 hr 3 min)

Lucia also facilitated a follow-up teleconference where she answered questions about meditation and lead a lengthy guided meditation to illustrate how to meditate. You can access these audios through the links below.

Meditation Q&A (20 min)

Guided Meditation (47 min)


In her How to Meditate audio, Lucia mentions her YouTube How to Gaze (7 min):


When you gaze, you’ll need to select something to focus on. You may want to use fresh flowers or a special rock for gazing. Alternatively, you can use a Yantra, a geometric design used for gazing.


And lastly, if you would like more detailed meditation instruction, Lucia provides three, reasonably-priced Guided Meditations series—Chakras, Dimensions, and Mystical Tips. Please visit our Meditation page.