Past Teleconference Archive

How Are You? 3/17/19

Lucia opened the lines on this teleconference and took questions. She stated, “These are intense times and I’m aware that many are struggling. The root cause of your suffering is resistance to change. If you’ll give me a sense of where you’re at, I’ll do my best to shed some light on possible approaches to shifting things around.”
How Are You? (1 hr 56 min)

Surrender Your Ego! 1/20/19

The 2018 December Solstice brought in full-blown formlessness. And, the inevitable progression of ever-increasing formlessness, is due to continue to completion. So what to do, if your rigid egoic structure, despite your best efforts to hold it together, is dissolving? What to do with your belief systems? Your polarized adherence to Light over dark? Your idea that you are a victim? The more attached you are to keeping the rigid structure of your egoic form in tact, the greater your distress. In this call, Lucia speaks about surrendering to the process of dissolution that must inevitably take place.
Surrender Your Ego (2 hr 27 min)

Divine Feminine Game Point 12/2/18

This two-part offering captures Lucia’s psychic perceptions about the December Solstice 2018. She predicts that the Divine Feminine will take its place beside the Divine Masculine like two tectonic plates shifting into place, then being fused together. The first recording was released in November, prior to the actual teleconference. In it, Lucia gives her impressions of what will happen, on an energetic level, during November and December, leading up to the Solstice, and how women can participate in the solstice shift. In the teleconference itself, she channeled a message from Mother Divine about the incoming energies of the solstice and how they will change the planet. For the remainder of the teleconference, she spoke to the “reset” that the solstice shift will produce in the 3D world and what we can look forward to in 2019.
Divine Feminine Game Point Prelude (53 min)
Divine Feminine Game Point Teleconference ( 1 hr 50 min)

The High Art of Light 09/29/18

If you are serious about your spiritual journey, you need to set your life up in a pragmatic way. You need to make serious, conscious decisions about the format of your day-to-day life, so that all of your thoughts and actions constantly point you towards the Light. This is basically the art of mysticism. The amount of Light you sustain in your field dictates everything—your level of awareness, how much you suffer, the speed of your evolution. This High Art of Light teleconference is a nuts-and-bolts discussion of mysticism—how to gain and hold onto Light.
The High Art of Light (2 hr 13 min)

The Game Board of Your Life 07/01/18

As of the date of this Game Board of Your Life teleconference (July 2018) Lucia was in a very new configuration, viewing the game board of the experiment in consciousness from an entirely different perspective. She shared her journey of integrating all 12 dimensions—both energetically and intellectually. As the entire teleconference was a guided meditation through the 12 dimensions, this teleconference has been included on our Library’s Empowerment page.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re At 01/07/18

The recent December 2017 Solstice provided the biggest shift the planet has undergone since the original seeding of the Experiment in Consciousness. It was unprecedented, and, for those with eyes to see behind the scenes, absolutely fascinating. Lucia was joined by 2 other Seers.  For over 2 hours, they presented the very best of their psychic perceptions on where we’ve been and where we’re at. Countless people have emailed to say it was one of the most exciting teleconferences they’ve ever attended.  And it is timeless. The information is as important today as it was on the date it was given.
Where We’ve Been & Where We’re At (2 hr 20 min)

Optimizing 2017 – 10/07/17

Lucia spoke about how this year has been a dance of two intertwined energies—the great falling apart and full remembrance—then suggested ways to optimize your evolutionary growth. To conclude, she did a guided meditation and 7 energetic transmissions: Mother Earth, Father Sun, being the circuit between the two, Mother Divine, Father Divine, embodying the balanced Feminine/Masculine, and, finally, the Sirian High Council assisting with full remembrance.
Optimizing 2017 (1 hr 49 min)

The Mechanics of Perception & Processing – 07/01/17

When was the last time someone pushed your button? And how long did it take you to regain your balance? We call this “going into a process”. And depending upon how well you understand the mechanics of perception and processing, you can either regain your balance easily or suffer with a process for years. Suffering is entirely unnecessary. It was popularized during a patriarchal age when duality reigned supreme. But once you get your arms around how duality works, you can end suffering with a fair amount of ease. Lucia considers the mp3 files related to this topic the most important on her website! To listen to the audio compilation, please visit the…
Processing Instruction page

New Paradigm Meditation – 02/04/17

Recorded just after we had stepped across the threshold into the New Paradigm, this audio is a comprehensive overview of meditation practice. It includes sections on why one might want to meditate, how meditation relates to the one’s spiritual journey, and the basics of how to do a sitting meditation taking advantage of New Paradigm energies. To listen to the audio compilation, please visit the…
Meditation Instruction page

Birth of a New Paradigm – 01/07/17

In this well-attended teleconference, Lucia gave her take on what transpired at the moment of the December 2017 solstice that now shapes our reality and how we can best utilize the energies of this new paradigm to move forward with the task of clarifying our beings.
01/07/17 Birth of a New Paradigm (1 hr 36 min)

Lucia Guided Meditation – 07/06/13

The following mp3 is an audio snippet of a guided meditation that moves participants into a state of objectivity. When there are large waves of energies moving throughout the planet, they sometimes feel like a giant swirl of water going down a drain. Most people end up feeling pummeled because they identify with the personal self, i.e., they are at the base of the drain with all of the energies beating down on them. If you’re at the base of the drain, of course the energies are going to toss you around. If you pull back, however, into a more objective place, you recognize that the energies are simply affecting change at this time, on a planet in transition, and all is in perfect order. In this guided meditation, Lucia helps you move into the dimension of clear sight in order to gain perspective.
07/06/13 Guided Meditation for Objectivity (23 min)

Call Off the Ascension! – 12/01/12

Preparing for the 2012 Energetic Doorway

This is the final and most important teleconference of the 6-part Call Off the Ascension! teleconference series. (Teleconferences are in reverse chronological order below). In it, Lucia discusses the subtlety of the 2012 December solstice doorway and, in a powerful, guided meditation, helps participants practice surrender—the key to embodying the new heart-centered paradigm—then takes you on a journey up and through the doorway itself.
12/01/12 Call Off the Ascension! (1 hr 41 min)

Call Off the Ascension! – 08/04/12

Stop Cramming for the Final Exam

In this teleconference, Lucia moderates a frank discussion on the essence of Ascension. The call is in two parts. In the first part, Lucia discusses the feeling of “cramming before an exam” in relation to the 2012 doorway of the December 21st solstice. It includes a 40-minute meditation with participation from interdimensional beings. Part 2 is an open Q&A where Lucia and teleconference guest, Victoria More, tackle various processing issues sited by participants.
08/04/12 Call Off the Ascension! part one (1 hr 30 min)
08/04/12 Call Off the Ascension! part two (1 hr 13 min)

Call Off the Ascension! – 07/07/12

It’s Happening Now

The Ascension is happening now. If you are looking for it outside of yourself, some time in the future, you’re missing it. This is the introductory call to the 6-part Call Off the Ascension series where Lucia engages in straight-talk about the Ascension process. It includes a powerful 40-minute guided meditation with downloads from the Sirian High Council (6th Dimensional beings).
07/07/12 Call Off the Ascension (1 hr 36 min)

Ancient Templates 91-94 & Artificial Structures in Conciousness – 07/30/11

This is a talk Lucia gave preceding a transmission of Ancient Templates 91-94 where she speaks about allowing artificial structures in consciousness—such as the Ancient Templates and the 12D Processor—to integrate. (This audio does not include the actual transmission of the templates 91-94. For more information on the templates, and to receive the transmission, please visit the Ancient Templates page. For more information on the 12D Processor, please visit the 12D Processor page.)
07/30/11 Ancient Templates 91-94 (17 min)

Ancient Templates 91-94 Description – 07/17/11

This is a talk Lucia gave preceding the very first transmission of Ancient Templates 91-94 where she describes the stellar qualities of these last 4 templates. (This audio does not include the actual transmission of the templates 91-94. For more information on the templates, and to receive the transmission, please visit the Ancient Templates page.)
07/17/11 Ancient Templates 91-94 Overview (38 min)

History of the Ancient Templates – 04/30/11

In this teleconference, Lucia speaks about the 90 Ancient Templates of Wisdom. She gives a detailed description of the templates, as well as the historical context for them. (This audio does not include the actual transmission of the templates. For more information on the templates, and to receive the transmission, please visit the Ancient Templates page.)
04/30/11 Ancient Templates of Wisdom Part 1 (52 min)

Keeping Your State of Attention High – 03/19/11

In this audio, Lucia talks about the role of HAARP in the Japan Tsunami and gives tips for keeping your state of awareness high as the energies on the planet become more challenging.
03/19/11 Keeping Your State of Attention High

Mystical Counsel Public Call – 11/02/10

In this final call of the 4-part Mystical Counsel public series (additional teleconferences in reserve chronological order below), Lucia talks about working with the four elements. She also describes the Ancient Templates of Wisdom that are available for the ascension process. (Please note that this teleconference was recorded before Lucia acquired the  Ancient Templates and knew she would be transmitting them to others.)
11/02/10 Mystical Counsel

Mystical Counsel Public Call – 10/02/10

Lucia speaks about mind control in this audio, how it has been used since the fall equinox 2010, and practical hints for how to deal with it. At the very end of the call, she gives everyone a sample of the 12D Processor. (For complete information on the 12D Processor, please visit our 12D Processor page.)
10/02/10 Mystical Counsel

Mystical Counsel Public Call – 09/05/10

On this teleconference, Lucia announces a worldwide strategy for change, talks about female rings of power forming around the planet, and helps women process.
09/05/10 Mystical Counsel

Mystical Counsel Public Call – 08/01/10

This first teleconference in the 4-part Mystical Counsel public series provided an update on Lucia’s work and lots of Q&A about what was going on in the world.
08/01/10 Mystical Counsel

Summer Solstice Reflections – 06/24/10

In this audio, Lucia recounts the remarkable happenings on the 2010 summer solstice when women were handed the energetic reins of power and Mother Earth gave the global elite their due.
06/24/10 Summer Solstice Reflections

Summer Solstice Strategy Meeting – 06/17/10

Lucia discusses how to prepare for the big changes that are approaching, gives a brief guided meditation, and answers questions.
06/17/10 Summer Solstice Strategy

The Mechanics of Perception – 06/08/10

Lucia considers this topic one of her most important on her website. An excellent talk about consciousness, how we draw experiences to us, how they mirror what is in our unconscious, and how to process our triggers. Highly recommended. (This talk was revamped and improved upon later. The later version is now available on Lucia’s Processing Instruction page.
06/08/10 Mechanics of Perception (with Q&A) (59 minutes)
06/08/10 Processing Techniques (with Q&A) (51 minutes)



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