Z Live Event Dreaming a New World 2020

Dreaming a New World

Workshop for Women
Atlanta, Georgia
April 10-12 & April 17-19

Do you feel you have something special to offer the world? If your answer is yes, then 2020 should be an interesting year for you.

Would you like to heighten your ability to manifest your offerings? To contribute your gifts as we begin to create a new world?

If yes again, then you may want to learn the mystical art of Dreaming.

Dreaming is not so much about your dreams at night. It is about recognizing that the world around you—especially now at this time on the planet—is as fluid as your nighttime dreams.

Provided your intent is aligned with Universal Consciousness, you can dream anything into existence.

So what is the mystical art of Dreaming? Well, there are actually two mystical arts: Stalking and Dreaming. Lucia has taught Stalking—studying the behavior of something then relentlessly tracking it down—for many years via her processing classes. She has never taught Dreaming.

Until now.

Dreaming is not imagining, although your imagination plays a role. It is not really manifesting, although things do get manifested. Dreaming is an extremely subtle and sophisticated art, one which eludes explanations born of the mind.

About the closest we can come to describing it is this:  By allowing your embodiment to form a circuit between Universal Consciousness, and the manifestation of your selfless-service tasks in the 3D, and by imagining a clear intent and leaning towards the highest outcome, you can breath life into it through Dreaming.

Dreaming cannot be taught through discussion. It can only be taught via association. In order words, exposing your awareness field to that of a Dreamer. We’re simply going to turn on the circuit and invite the essence of Dreaming to enter our 3-day workshop.

You’ll literally be soaking in the art of Dreaming as we:

  • Meditate
  • Heighten our awareness using Transmissions of Light
  • Work together to clear blockages that prevent you from dreaming
  • Learn from the experiences of others in the group

Then, after the workshop, you’ll find that you create some future plan and bring it to fruition in a more effortless way. And you may just remember to connect it with your deep dive into Dreaming.

Lucia first learned Dreaming in an earlier incarnation, in the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Then, she received a refresher course in this lifetime with her mystical/spiritual teacher. All of her spiritual offerings, as well as her energetic work for the planet, are created through Dreaming.

And Dreaming has recently become easier, as the Earth’s energy has cycled up, and we’ve turned the corner into 2020. Now is the time for women to step forward and begin to Dream a New World.

So, if you would like to maximize your gifts to the world, and enhance them via the art of Dreaming, we hope you’ll continue reading, to learn more…



Lucia has rented a beautiful Airbnb on Lanier Lake Island, about 1.5 hours northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Our 3-day workshop will really be a mini-retreat, considering our luxurious lakeside setting in nature.

The island is an upscale resort complex nestled in a small group of islands on Lake Lanier, the largest lake in Georgia.

Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge is a short distance away and airbnb homes are available. You will be responsible for your own accommodations, but the workshop will be held at Lucia’s place.

If you would like to coordinate arrival times with other attendees, in order to share car rentals and/or rooms, we’ll be helping you connect.



There are two Dreaming workshops. Each workshop is limited to 14 women and we meet all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The first will begin Friday morning, April 10, and end on Sunday night, April 12. In order to accommodate more attendees, a second workshop will begin on Friday morning, April 17, and end on Sunday night, April 19.

On our first morning, Friday, we’ll have a Meet and Greet from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. with coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks. During this hour, you can pay your workshop fee, sign our Release Form, and get to know the other participants.

Our schedule will be:
9:00 – 12:00 a.m.  Morning  session
2:00 – 5:00 p.m.    Afternoon  session
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.    Evening session



If you have not already done so, please complete the following before the workshop:

And, optionally, read The Chalice and the Blade by Riana Eisler so you understand the dynamics of the playing field into which we are moving in 2020.


Reserve Your Seat

Here are the details about your investment:

  • The 3-day workshop is priced at $895
  • The deposit to hold your seat is $95
  • Deposits are refundable until 45 days before the event (Store Policy)
  • At the workshop, we can accept only $800 USD cash for the balance due


So… If the Dreaming a New World workshop resonates with you, we invite you to reserve your seat by selecting the appropriate deposit purchase button…


Atlanta, GA  – April 10-12

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Atlanta, GA – April 17-19

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