“Lucia is one of the original immortals who came to
Earth to facilitate the experiment in consciousness.
Her presence is essential to the reordering of the planet.”
-Tantra Maat, seer


Every fiber of Lucia’s being exudes spiritual wisdom. Her exploration of consciousness in this lifetime, which has spanned 50 years, originally drew her to the study of Hinduism, Zen, Mysticism, Advaita, and Vajrayana Buddhism. She was ordained, not as a Buddhist nun, but as a monk—one who has received the complete, esoteric teachings.

At this juncture, Lucia has moved beyond disciplines and titles. She fully embodies her own wisdom, gained via many lifetimes of experience. She is a formless, eclectic landscape—a multi-dimensional playing field of creativity, fearlessness, and magic.

One of the most startling aspects that radiates through Lucia’s petite demeanor is her warrior persona.  It manifests as a dog-with-a-bone attitude, a trait she uses to accomplish things that would leave the rest of us trembling. Most notably, in this lifetime, she facilitated the dismantling of the underlying structure of the Patriarchy, a collaborative effort that is captured in her award-winning book, Unplugging the Patriarchy.  More of a mystical experience than a book, it has helped thousands of people shift their perception of the troubled world in which we live.

This lifetime, however, is only one example of Lucia’s sacred activism. A master technician of imprints, she has been instrumental in facilitating structures in consciousness throughout the history of the Experiment in Consciousness—accessing them from her DNA, dropping them into the field of the planet, then dismantling them when their purpose has been served.

A highly trained Mystic, Lucia is a walking encyclopedia of the mystical arts, a master of navigating alternate dimensions. As a Manifester, she can conceive of something then magically allow it to come into form. As a Stalker, she can ferret out the root of your problem. As a Dreamer, she can show you how to dream a more refined life and, ultimately, dissolve the dream to move into formlessness.

People trust Lucia. They sit in her presence and feel safe. She nurtures a sense of what it is to be starry-eyed and wonder-filled, a feeling that can only exist in the absence of fear.

For those seeking the dissolution of their ego, Lucia shares the knowledge she has gleaned via repeated incarnation and the complete dismantling of her own egoic structure in this lifetime. She communicates complex spiritual ideas in crystal-clear terms and uses the sacred voice—a voice that sooths but carries a punch—to help people navigate into alternate dimensions they’ve never experienced.



Retreat Vilcabamba

For 60 years, Lucia lived in the U.S. Now, she spends her time in the pristine Ecuadorian Andes.

In the spring of 2020, Lucia formally retired from public teaching. She still mentors those seeking Enlightenment, however, through Private Consultations.