Maintaining the Integrity of Your Awareness Field

Lucia René

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Is there anyone in your awareness field? It’s fairly easy to check. Just perform a “scan”. Pick a starting point, then, very slowly, shine the laser beam of your attention around the entirety of your field – 360 degrees. I usually go in a clockwise direction, but I don’t think it really matters.

If there is no one in your awareness field, it feels uninhibited, open, and clear. If there is someone there, you’ll notice a denser energetic configuration. And, if you have a bit of psychic ability, you may be able to see their form.

Man in Awareness Field
If I detect someone, I usually start by asking, “Is this energy male or female?” It’s always helpful to keep our questions to Spirit simple. Binary is best. Male or female? Someone I know or a stranger? Benevolent or malevolent intentions?

Once you get a handle on their energy, simply begin to work with it. I just “look” at the configuration on the inner planes. But you may have to do some prep work before you are fully willing to look. You may need to welcome the experience and allow yourself a little time to get used to it. You aren’t welcoming the person or their energy; you are welcoming the experience, the learning they are affording you.

You see, the person is only there because you have an “opening”. Perhaps, for example, you are always concerned about money and you are willing to let someone enter your field that can provide income. Or, maybe you are arrogant and someone has convinced you that they can help you gain a more important status.

We all have openings. So we must recognize that the ultimate responsibility for dealing with the situation falls on us. In the end, we must process the opening. Otherwise people will use the same opening, repeatedly, to enter our awareness field.

Don’t be overly concerned with the specific “content” of the individual situation—unless you enjoy energetic detective work. Better to back up from the situation and observe, with a neutral attitude, the mechanics. What type of energy is this? Do I have a habit of attracting this sort of person? Why did I feel the need to invite them into my awareness? What is the opening? It’s important to commit to processing the opening fully and, depending upon the opening, that may take awhile.

But, in the meantime, it’s easy to eliminate the person from your awareness field. All you have to do is “look” at them. At least this is the technique that I have found the most effective. Simply focus on them and look—being neither attracted nor repulsed. In a completely neutral way. Just look.

If resistance comes up, welcome the resistance, work inwardly with it, and bring it to rest. If fear comes up, welcome it and work with it. Work with each vibration that presents itself and, when you bring all of them to rest, look directly at the energy of the person in your awareness field. If you do that, with one-hundred percent of your attention, steadfastly, their mystical configuration in your field will dissolve.

You have the right to maintain the integrity of your own awareness. No one is entitled to enter your field. Always remember that. But also, if you do find someone there, remember that, on some level, you have invited them. And, if you still feel like a victim, remember that you too have the ability to push your way into someone’s awareness field and, unless you are fully awakened and without agendas, use that ability from time to time.

We are complex beings. We have an unconscious. Sometimes we are unconscious that we are entering someone else’s awareness field, but we do so whenever we get angry with a person, whenever we manipulate someone… The trick, of course, is to make the unconscious conscious, to have the humility to work toward that end. It’s always easier to see a trait in someone else, so we start with developing the ability to scan our own awareness field.

So, take a look. Is there anyone in your awareness today?