Miracles & Making Leaps in Consciousness

Lucia René

I ask you:

  • How do we consolidate all of our spiritual growth in order to make leaps in consciousness?
  • How do we harness all of that growth and use our fearlessness to take the next step?
  • How do we come together as a group and use collaboration and co-creation as our tools?

Collaboration is where we come together, not so much to cooperate… Cooperation is give and take. Collaboration is different. It’s where we all, by common agreement, set our personal egos to the side, come together with a common intent, and ask the Divine to orchestrate change.

In the past few years, we have proven that, when we come together in collaboration, our power increases exponentially. Co-creation is the next step, beyond collaboration.

Could it be that, for each of us, the next leap in consciousness can be made more efficiently using the energy and the support of group collaboration?

I say “yes”. The New Paradigm energies support it.

If we come together in collaboration and set a common goal or intent… If we intend to co-create a miracle, ANYthing is possible.

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