Work-Study Courses Overview


Lucia offers several work-study courses for those who want to dip deeper into the well of spiritual wisdom…

Processing Work-Study

Mystical Counsel LogoLucia feels an effective emotional processing technique to clear you emotional baggage and egoic structure is absolutely essential. You can have a strong daily meditation practice and learn all manner of helpful spiritual tools and techniques, but if you don’t understand the mechanics of perception and have a good processing technique to deal with what triggers you, spiritual growth proceeds slowly and painfully.

In her Processing Work-Study Course for women, there are 3 modules which have received accolades from all over the world.

Unplugging Female Conditioning Work-Study

Archetype-DiagramIn this DVD on female conditioning, entitled Women Standing in Their Power, Lucia enumerates the 12 female archetypes handed down from the Matrilineal Era that were fractured, polarized, and corrupted during the Patriarchy.  She discusses how this corruption process threw the masculine/feminine energies within each of us out of balance.  A woman’s spiritual essence is, and always has been, power.  And in this work-study, Lucia helps you, not only understand that, but own it.

The 2-DVD set runs almost 3 hours, but with discussion points, the total working time is 4 hours.  If you are a woman, you owe it yourself to watch Women Standing in Their Power.

Mysticism Work-Study

work-study-mysticism-logoIn her fast-paced, 6-hour Master Class In Mysticism work-study course, Lucia takes you back to the experience of the ancient Mystery Schools. Using Unplugging the Patriarchy as a handbook, she teaches the mystical tools she used to unplug the underlying energetic structure of the Patriarchy—principles you can master and use to reorder your life.