Mother Divine Course

Mother Divine—The Re-Emergence
A 3-module work-study course

A long time ago, in a forgotten past, the great Mother Goddess walked the Earth. And She closely nurtured our growth.

On the December 2019 Solstice, after 5,000 years of Patriarchy, the Divine Mother again took center stage. Since then, Her energies have swept the Earth, provoked colossal change, and refurbished the almost-forgotten Original Design Template for humans participating in the Experiment in Consciousness.

Now, the Divine Mother is calling her daughters home.

  1. To reconnect with Her, fosters happiness
  2. To interact with Her, softens the rough edges of a weary soul
  3. To merge with Her, brings us one giant step closer to ourselves as Source

In this 3-part work-study course, we lay out a roadmap for all three of those experiences. And then some…

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with Mother Divine’s energy—as it is currently manifesting on the planet. You’ll be able to feel the fluidity of a life lived in surrender, guided by Her Grace. And, resting in the present, mindful of the moment, we’ll reach across time and space to connect the past with the future, and to stabalize it within the circuit we call “embodiment”.

Lucia worked for 100 lifetimes, since the advent of the Patriarchy in ancient Egypt, to ensure we arrived at this juncture. Like many of you, she devoted herself unconditionally in service to the experiment in consciousness. At the time of these recordings, Lucia had integrated the re-emerging Divine Mother energies. In these audios, she opens that field for participants, so they could soak in its subtleties.

The Divine Mother is back, holding out her hand to you. Are you willing to take it?


To listen to Lucia introduce the course (38 min), click here.


Course includes 7 audio files (9 hours)
Recommended reading is The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler


Mother Divine - The Re-Emergence
Mother Divine - The Re-Emergence
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