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Welcome to the Guided Meditations page where you can buy bundled meditations to jump-start or augment your meditation practice.

After 50 years of meditation practice, Lucia is an expert at guiding people into places in consciousness they’ve never been. And she uses the Sacred Voice to help you relax and acclimate to higher dimensions.

The various bundles offered below, include Lucia’s hand-picked meditations, given over many years, edited, modernized, and broken into segments:

  • Most include an intro talk she gave before the meditation
  • The guided meditation itself
  • Many have a Q&A afterwards where people discussed their experience

Listen to all of the segments, identify your favorite meditations, copy them to one of your devices, then easily return to the meditation segment again and again.


Series 1: Chakras & Mantras

This first guided meditation series provides a robust understanding of how to set up, then vary, your meditation practice in order to stay in top form.



This series includes five meditations:

  • Q
  • N
  • S
  • R
  • R
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Series 2: Dimensions & Formlessness

Coming soon…





Series 3: Mystical Techniques & Tips

This last guided meditation series has a mystical tone.

It provides training in how to scan your awareness field for intruders on the inner planes and how to jump-start Carlos Castaneda’s practice of “using death as your advisor”.  Death is always just over your left shoulder. Recognizing that, remaining aware of that, helps us to be present and to use our time wisely.

The other Castaneda concept included in this series is “shifting your assemblage point”. The assemblage point is the point in your field where your awareness, or your view of reality, assembles. If we are holding a limiting identity (such as mother, healer, engineer) we view the world through that lens. Why limit yourself? Consciousness is infinite. Better to liberate your assemblage point so it is free-floating.

Mystics love the art of recapitulation. Tremendous power can be gained through recapitulating. Certainly, taking on a life recapitulation is worthwhile, but you can also recapitulate a given time period, such as birthday to birthday, end of a relationship, equinox to solstice. The possibilities are endless for this meditation.

Finally, in order to practice mysticism, you need to have a sharp attention. If there are blockages or emotional triggers in your way, they need to be dismantled. Developing a razor-sharp awareness, having the discipline to hold it on something unflinchingly, and cultivating discernment is key.

This series includes five meditations:

  • Quiet the mind & move your attention to the point of pure perception
  • Navigate an emotional trigger
  • Scan your awareness field, identify your inner judge, & confront your death
  • Release a limiting identity (shift your assemblage point)
  • Recapitulate experiences & move forward with greater power

Are you ready to add a few mystical techniques and tips to your spiritual tool chest?

GM S3- Mystical Techniques & Tips
GM S3- Mystical Techniques & Tips
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