Private Consultations


Thank you for your interest in booking a Private Consultation…

Lucia’s consultations are one hour in length. She works with both women and men. Her focus is working with individuals who are seriously seeking Self Realization.

Once you explain what you would like to focus on, Lucia uses her psychic skill to see to the root of the problem then discusses it with you, offering suggestions for how to proceed in order to achieve resolution. Alternatively, some like to begin with the more general query: “What is my biggest blockage to spiritual progress at this time?”

For those she works with closely, the goal is to identify the “true spiritual essence of your soul”. When your soul first separated from Source and took incarnation, what was it’s intent? What skillsets does it innately possess? How can you align with your true essence?


Prerequisites for Private Consultations

Throughout her website, Lucia recommends two foundational tools: meditation to still the mind & emotional processing to still the emotional body. For Private Consultations, both are prerequisites.

Please read the prerequisites carefully:

Prerequisites for One-on-One Work


Calendar Availability

Lucia is offering first-time privates on Mondays and follow-up privates on Thursdays. If you would like more exact information on availability, please email Lucia’s assistant via our Contact page.



Pricing for Private Consultations is as follows:

  • If this is your first Consultation with Lucia, the price is $300.
  • Follow-up Consultations are $175.


The Booking Procedure

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • The first step is to fill out the Private Consultation In-Take Form at the bottom of this page.
  • Once your In-Take Form has been processed, you will be emailed instructions regarding how to pay.
  • Your payment generates an automated email from “WordPress/Assist”. It confirms your purchase and also contains a link for the Private Consultation Scheduling page. Here, you can select a day and time. (If you fail to receive this email, you can troubleshoot here.)
  • Lucia’s assistant will confirm that your In-Take Form and your payment have been received.
  • Next, Lucia’s assistant will email instructions for connecting with Lucia a few days prior to your scheduled time.
  • At your consultation, you can describe what you would like to address. Your conversation with Lucia will be recorded so you can download it afterward for repeated listening.


Private Consultation In-Take Form