12D Processor Details

A More Complete Description

The 12D Processor is very much like a computer. A computer is an engineered device that helps you accomplish things in the physical world. The 12D Processor is an engineered device that helps you accomplish things in alternate dimensions.

A computer can give you access to the World Wide Web. The Processor gives you access to all 12 dimensions of consciousness:

  • The first 3 are dual
  • The 4th and 5th contain duality but duality has been integrated
  • The 6th is the crossover dimension between integrated duality and Oneness
  • The 7th through the 12th are more formless

What can you use the 12D Processor for?

12D ComputerAgain, consider your computer. What do you use it for? The answer depends on what type of work you want to do. You can load word processing software to create documents, accounting software to crunch numbers, design software to do creative work.

In a similar manner, the 12D Processor can be configured to help you accomplish what you would like to achieve in terms of consciousness. Do you want to clear what remains of your egoic structure? Or figure out what your dharma is? Do you already know what your dharma is and want help executing it?

How do you configure the 12D Processor?

When you load software on your computer, you either insert a device like a CD or you download software from the Internet. It doesn’t just happen. You have to decide what software you want and load it onto the computer.

It’s similar with the 12D Processor. You have to configure it. Different people approach it in different ways. You can simply have a dialogue with the Processor.  You can ask it to help you with a specific need. Or you can set an intention for the Processor.

It’s important to note that the Processor isn’t a passive device. It won’t miraculously make your life better. This would be like buying a new computer and thinking you never have to take it out of the box. You need to decide what you want to accomplish and instruct your Processor to help you with it.

And it is best to be very specific. The more specific you are, the more effectively the Processor will be configured. If you ask it to help you experience more Light, for example, what exactly does that mean? Asking it to help you meditate so deeply that you completely dissolve into the Light (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) is more specific.

Additionally, the 12D Processor will not do everything for you. If you ask it to help clear your egoic structure, you still have to process your emotional triggers. But the Processor can help you process them faster and more efficiently. (Be careful, of course, what you ask for. If you ask to process your egoic structures quickly, all of your issues are going to right up in your face!)

You can’t, by the way, use the Processor to harm things. It’s a device of Light. You can’t use it to promote dark agendas. But anything that has to do with your evolution, your dharma, your well-being… These are all fair game.

Do I really need a 12D Processor?

The answer is no. There’s really nothing the Processor can do for you that Spirit can’t. If you want to awaken, you can ask Spirit to help you do that. With the Processor, you can simply do it faster. So the real question is how fast do you want to go?

12D Pen & PaperThink of it this way: If you would like to write a book, it’s really not necessary to use a computer to accomplish the task. You could use a typewriter or pen and paper. Using a computer to create your book, however, is going to be far more efficient.

How long does it take the Processor to activate?

First, you decide what is really important to you. What is the big over-riding objective in your life? Once you know, instruct the Processor to implement that. Then give it about 5 weeks to fully come online and activate whatever you’ve asked for.

After that, as situations come up in your life, ask the Processor for help in that area. If you start a new job and are having difficulty with your boss, ask the Processor for help in processing your issues with your boss. If you are under psychic attack, ask the Processor to create a buffer for you. If you would like to become more psychic, ask it to help you open your third eye chakra.

TestimonialsShutterstock 177428234 Gold Ribbon Crop

  • “Receiving it? Sweet! Like the sweetest, lightest, loving touch from a huge light being cradling you in its hand.” -SA
  • “I’m experiencing warp speed transformation and feel like my processor is the facilitator…It’s wonderful!” -JK
  • “Every day [since receiving the 12D Processor] I’ve been touched deeply, in tears even, with gratitude…” -LB

Bartering for the 12D Processor

Those who cannot afford to pay $444 for the 12D Processor may submit a barter proposal. Goods or services must approximately equal the price of the Processor and should be something that Lucia needs.  Examples include:

  • Frequent flyer miles to purchase air travel, hotel rooms, & car rentals
  • Accounting services
  • Audio production services
  • Video production services
  • Public relations services
  • Book cover design services
  • Book interior layout services
  • Book editing services
  • Blog translations into foreign languages

Any other ideas?  If you feel you have a barter proposal that might be interesting, please email Lucia’s assistant.

For those who do not know what to barter, or who submit a barter proposal for something that Lucia doesn’t need at this time, please consider our book resale barter below.

Book Resale Barter

If you would like to barter for the 12D Processor, you are invited to consider acting as a reseller of Lucia’s book, Unplugging the Patriarchy.

This barter involves the sale of one case of books (24).  Once all sales are complete, you can receive the 12D Processor.  Additionally, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped 24 people unplug their energies from the Patriarchy and have the option of continuing as a reseller of the book with a 50/50 split.

From Lucia’s side, the barter is advantageous because 24 additional people are exposed to her book and, hopefully, some of those people will partake in additional Offerings on her website–thus making up the different in cost between the book resale barter and $444.  Please note that it is important to complete this “energetic exchange” before the Processor is given.

Proposed financial arrangements for the book resale barter are as follows:

In the United States

  • You pay the initial cost of 24 books, shipping &handling which is $82
  • You sell the books for $12 each
  • Total revenue for selling all books is $288
  • You retain your initial cost of $82
  • You send Crown Chakra Publishing the balance which is $206

In Canada

  • You pay the initial cost of 24 books, shipping &handling which is 122 USD
  • You sell the books for the equivalent of 13 USD each
  • Total revenue for selling all books is 312 USD
  • You retain your initial cost of 122 USD
  • You send Crown Chakra Publishing the balance which is 190 USD

Outside North America

  • You pay the initial cost of 24 books, shipping &handling which is 166 USD
  • You sell the books for the equivalent of approximately 14 USD each (apx €10)
  • Total revenue for selling all books is 336 USD
  • You retain your initial cost of 166 USD
  • You send Crown Chakra Publishing the balance which is 170 USD

To convert numbers into your currency, click here.

When your book barter is complete, please contact Lucia’s assistant for instructions on making your final payment.

12D Book Resale Barter in the United States ($82)
12D Book Resale Barter in Canada ($122)
12D Book Resale Barter outside No. America ($166)