Life Recapitulation Course


Life Recapitulation: A treasure chest of memories

Are you eager for your true Self to shine forth into the world?  If yes, only one thing stands between your inner Light and a radiant outer life:  your egoic structure.

Are you willing to unearth hidden facets of your ego? To scrutinize, process, and finally bring them to rest?  If yes again, then a complete recapitulation of your life produces dramatic results.

In this six-part series, you’ll be able to dig through your life, excavating gold in the unconscious—places of consciousness under pressure. Places that have been begging to be acknowledged and released for years. We’ll unearth these golden nuggets by digging into six areas of your life:

  • Parents
  • Formative years
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Studies, work & mission
  • Overarching life

Each module contains ten evocative questions. You’ll receive your questions, in document format, which you can use for compiling your answers. You’ll also receive an audio commentary that walks you through the questions and helps you sharpen your shovel. 

Once you’ve completed each module, you can listen to Lucia’s recorded Q&A teleconference. In these six calls, she works with people who have unearthed things they are stumped on. They connect with Lucia for a psychic read. It’s an exercise that will give you additional insights about your life as you sit, meditate, and listen to everyone’s sharing.

Lucia’s spiritual journey has encompassed 50 years. It has included many periods of recapitulation. During a medical hiatus, her doctor facilitated a recapitulation to develop her medical history. She found it so valuable in uncovering remaining vestiges of ego, she decided to offer a Recapitulation series, to help you do the same.

The course allows you to enter into 1) the mindset of a large support group, all focused on the same goal, and 2) Lucia’s field, which always amplifies your own.

So, if you are ready to dig deeper, please join Lucia for a Life Recapitulation.


Sampling Life Recapitulation


To get a taste of the work-study course, we invite you to listen to these short audio clips:

  • Lucia’s introduction to the course: Introduction (14 min)
  • A snippet from one of the calls: Snippet (4 min)


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  • “Super useful to have the structure of each topic to dive deeper and deeper.” Arielle, Switzerland
  • “Excellent. The series opened up many insights and deeper truths.” Famke, Belgium
  • “I had an amazing breakthrough and now have the foundation to go back and build on it further.” Pat, Connecticut
  • “I was bowled over by how much I uncovered to process.  This series has been an incredible tool in finding hidden ego to clear.  It feels like I have made excellent progress in clarifying my being with this roadmap and the recent focused determination.” Jonna, Maine
  • “What a brilliant concept—to uncover so many memories and feelings and to have the love present to be with it all. My meditations have been very deep lately and my vessel feels clearer.” -Emily, New York
  • “I’ve worked closely with Lucia, first as her assistant, then as an apprentice. I’ve had the honor of intimately witnessing the work she’s done over the past decade. The Recapitulation series is a masterpiece. If you want to learn from an enlightened teacher in her prime, in order to empower your spiritual path, this program will offer endless “golden nuggets” and light for your life. Of all the work Lucia has done, this is the most stunning and brilliant.” Elizabeth, Ecuador


Getting Started

This work-study, with all documents & 15 hours of audio files, is available for $60.

Life Recapitulation Work-Study
Life Recapitulation Work-Study
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