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“There’s only one thing you’re better at than anyone else.
And that’s being yourself.” — a wise sage


Who are you? What unique talents did you possess when you separated from Source and began making your way through the Universe? What unique skillsets did you develop during past lives? What is it, that makes you, uniquely you?

Most who resonate with Lucia’s work want the answer to those questions. They want to know their “Soul’s Essence”. They are keen to be of service in New Earth. Not service that comes from the personal self. Service that is facilitated through the personal. Service where the Universal Soul’s Essence guides their life’s work.

We all have a Soul’s Essence, an energetic signature that is absolutely unique. Determining what it is, is simple:  Dissolve the pieces of your egoic structure that obscure it.

Simple concept. Tricky task.

Taking that task on, implies that you have the spiritual tools to work on yourself using a variety of approaches. In Lucia’s world, that means:

  •  A daily meditation practice
  •  A command of emotional & vibratory processing
  •  A systematic way of identifying childhood trauma
  •  Knowledge of female history so you can process past-life trauma
  •  A little mysticism in order to understand the way energy works
  •  A little psychic ability in order to read energies—first in others, then in yourself
  •  A keen willingness to change

Lucia offers self-study courses that cover these basics. Taken as a whole, they comprise a classic, comprehensive approach to spirituality in today’s changing world.

Mentoring Modules

The first two modules provide the basic understanding you’ll need in order to identify the components of your egoic structure—the egoic “puzzle” composed of “polarities”—and the hands-on tools you’ll need in order to dismantle it.

Module 1
Daily meditation practice to still the mind

  • Ancient Templates 1-90 (free)
  • Ancient Templates 91-94 ($27)
  • Meditation Instruction audio (free)
  • Chakras & Mantras meditation series ($22)
  • Suggested reading for meditation pointers:  How to Know God – Patanjali Yoga Sutras, translation by Prabhavananda & Isherwood
  • Suggested reading for inspiration:  Autobiography of a Yogi by Parmahansa Yogananda
  • Total investment is $49 + cost of books
  • Total time required is about 1 month

Module 2
Processing to still the emotional body

  • Processing Instruction audio (free)
  • The complete 3-module Processing work-study course ($125)
  • Mandatory reading:  The Marriage of Spirit, Leslie Temple-Thurston
  • Inspirational reading: The Way of Life, Lao Tzu, Witter Bynner translation
  • Total investment is $125 + cost of book
  • Total time required is 3-4 months



The next two modules support you in fleshing out the details of your egoic puzzle. What polarities dominate your awareness field? Do you tend toward superiority or worthlessness? Do you often play the role of a victim in a victim/tyrant encounter? Who in your childhood introduced you to those polaities? What patterns dominated throughout your past-life trajectory?

Module 3
Life recapitulation to clear childhood trauma

  • Life Rapitulation work-study course ($60)
  • Fun reading:  The Sorcerers’ Crossing by Taisha Abelar
  • Total investment is $60 + cost of book
  • Total time required is 2 months or more

Module 4
Patriarchal history to clear past-life trauma

Methodically working your way through these four self-study modules takes about a year.



Then, as you continue finding and working to dissolve eogic puzzle pieces, you can begin to further refine your life.

The path of Mysticism is is sophisticated and should only be engaged once you have cleared a significant amount of your egoic puzzle.

Module 5
Mysticism to reorg  your life



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  • “Working with your self-study modules have made me feel as though where I am is perfect; that I’m not doing anything wrong; and my ‘issues’ are normal. I am excited to be assembling the foundational building blocks of my spiritual practice.  I love that you are guiding me to be the best version of myself, so I can stand in my power and lovingly perform my Divine service work with a heart full of love. I really feel that, now, it is an achievable goal. ” -Justine, UK


Getting Started

Women who have studied exclusively with Lucia for an extended period of time, who have worked through all of this material, have dramatically changed their lives. Embracing the Mentoring Program can change yours as well.

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