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Master Class in Mysticism

Higher realms, once exclusive terrain, accessible only to advanced practitioners of Mysticism, are now becoming available to us all. When mastered, the power of these realms can be used to transform any area of your life.

Are you done with procrastinating? Are you ready to tap your intrinsic power?

Using Unplugging the Patriarchy as a handbook, Lucia teaches the mystical concepts she used to unplug the underlying structure of the Patriarchy—principles you can master and use to make a leap in consciousness.

This is not the Lucia you’re accustomed to. This series is Lucia at her most relaxed, for Mysticism is her playground, her mastery, her gift to us all at this crucial time of shifting paradigms. In these four intensive audios, you can learn about:

  • Clocking & managing energy
  • Navigating alternate dimensions
  • Enhancing psychic skills
  • Stalking as a mystical art
  • Utilizing places of power
  • Following lines of energy
  • Removing interference in your field
  • Dealing with lower-occult attack
  • Reordering your life

Learning the craft of Mysticism is less about taking notes than it is about soaking in the field of the mystic—calibrating the frequency, mapping to her mystical wiring—which is beyond the understanding of the mind. So put away your notebook, close your eyes, and prepare to ride the energy of Lucia’s words into the realms of the ancient Mystery Schools.


Sampling Master Class in Mysticism

Audio SymbolTo get a taste of Master Class in Mysticism, we invite you to listen to 3 audio snippets  from the 6-hour, fast-paced work-study course, by clicking here (6 min 10 sec).



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  • “I have listened to these lessons over and over, and each time I get deeper into the material. This is a practical, hands-on training in how to shift your life and awareness into a tighter, cleaner, brighter place. In the years since I purchased this course, for me, it has been a transformational experience to be in Lucia’s energy field, and to make the conscious choice to step onto the path of Mysticism.” -AG
  • “If you’re looking for a real mystical teacher, Lucia is it. It takes a lot in consciousness to become as masterful in mysticism as Lucia has. The tools and the path, well carved by her fearlessness and endless curiosity, can be found in this course.” -EW
  • Lucia deftly conveys knowledge of mysticism in a way that is accessible and practical. The exercises are helpful and have direct application to the concepts discussed: how to elevated your energy while de-emphasizing components which deplete it; how to scan your field daily, etc.  And, each time I revisit one of the exercises, a shift takes place! This course is timeless and invaluable for deepening mystical knowledge.”  -JM


Getting Started

This course is composed of over 6 hours of audios. The price is $44.


Master Class in Mysticism
Master Class in Mysticism
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