Introductory Packages

Welcome to Lucia’s Introductory Packages page, where you can purchase outstanding teleconferences, at discounted prices, that allow you to sample Lucia’s work, while fueling your spiritual growth.


Relationships – A mystic’s take ($4)
Discussions on relationships and how to use them to catapult your conscious evolution. An mp3 running 1.5 hours that covers most of what Lucia knows about relationships from a mystical point of view.


making-leaps-imageMaking Leaps in Consciousness ($4)
Intimate discussions of roadblocks and emotional processes faced by women.  A two-hour mp3 compilation of the best segments from the Making Leaps in Consciousness series Lucia hosted.


multidimensionality-for-mysticsMultidimensionality for Mystics ($4)
Discussions around how to move beyond 3D reality and navigate life as a multidimensional being.  A 1.5 hour mp3 compilation of the best segments from the Multidimensionality for Mystics series Lucia hosted.


Package EnlightenmentEnlightenment ($8)
Three beautiful teleconferences that focus on how to overcome obstacles as you walk the pathway to Enlightenment, a stateless state where awareness is unbounded 24/7.


PACK 12 Female ArchetypesWomen & Patriarchy ($6)
Two teleconferences for women that feature powerful guided meditations to help you examine out-dated patriarchal notions, clear female conditioning, and connect with Divine Feminine energy.




Relationships – A mystic’s take

Is your relationship slowing you down? Perhaps you are still looking for “the one”? Relationships are the most challenging thing we deal with on the spiritual path. But by harnessing a little mystical wisdom and a few tools, you can not only better understand them but use them to catapult your conscious forward.

In this mp3, Lucia invites you to investigate your relationships from a mystical point of view and offers a guided meditation to help you zero in on one relationship and experiment with what would happen if you let it go. Then, in the questions that follow, she shines the light on:

  • How clear is your partner’s awareness field as compared to yours?
  • Where do you draw a line in the sand when identifying your issues versus his or hers?
  • How do you identify and cut an energetic line to someone?
  • How do you get someone out of your awareness field?
  • Where does the craving for a relationship come from and how do you bring it to rest?

For an audio taste, click here.

If these types of relationship issues have been confusing in the past, join Lucia to gain some clarity…

Relationships from a Mystical Point of View
Relationships from a Mystical Point of View
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Price: $4.00


Making Leaps in Consciousness

In Making Leaps in Consciousness, Lucia reveals intimate discussions of roadblocks and emotional processes faced by women all around the world. As Lucia guides each woman through her individual challenge, it provides you with an opportunity to make a leap in consciousness.

Lmaking-leaps-imageucia’s assistant evaluated an entire teleconference series to identify a fascinating array of interactions—women asking difficult questions about living in today’s transitioning world. Editing a total of five hours down to two, she provides you with the very best segments:

  • Facilitating Divine Feminine energy
  • Developing your psychic capacity
  • Recognizing the soul’s blueprint
  • Becoming fearless
  • Processing the feeling of ‘being behind’
  • Processing morality & ‘being a good girl’
  • Processing ‘being a victim’ in relationship
  • Accessing the power of female collaboration & co-creation
  • And much more…

Join Lucia on a journey to connect with women at a planetary level. In the domain of co-creation established on these audios, miracles can manifest.

Best of Making Leaps in Consciousness
Best of Making Leaps in Consciousness
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Price: $4.00


Multidimensionality for Mystics

An infinite number of dimensions intersect and overlap our 3D world. Most people access only a handful. But you can gain entrée to more dimensions by hanging out with someone who embodies them. And, as one seer put it, “Lucia René is multi-fractaled to the point of being over the top!”

multidimensionality-for-mystics Lucia’s assistant compiled the best segments from Lucia’s teleconference series, Multidimensionality for Mystics. Focusing on excerpts that reflect how a mystic approaches the current challenges of the shifting, New Paradigm energies, she has woven together a splendid selection that addresses:

  • Moving into greater fluidity
  • Dealing with anxiety that arises as we eliminate clinging to structure
  • Adapting to the rapid-fire spiritual evolution of the Earth
  • Navigating the emotional body and how it differs for men and women
  • Reconciling the polarity of Dark and Light and dealing with lower vibrations
  • Dealing with difficult relationships
  • Becoming aware of who is infringing on your awareness field
  • Cutting non-beneficial energetic lines to people
  • Bringing the mind to rest without judgment
  • Aligning personal will with Universal Will so you can accomplish things more effectively

Multidimensionality can’t be taught in words. It’s transferred via association. This compilation opens door to the field of a master mystic. All you need to do is step inside.

Best of Multidimensionality for Mystics
Best of Multidimensionality for Mystics
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Price: $4.00


Enlightenment Package

The tsunami of New Paradigm energies is leaving many of us over-whelmed. Where are you on your spiritual journey? Swimming against the current? Clinging to the rocks? We know we need to surrender, but do you know how?

mediation-garden-mainLucia is a master of navigating alternate dimensions.

Join her for these three audios and experience what it feels like to float with your head above the water.

Identify obstacles on the pathway to Enlightenment and learn the tools to overcome them:

  • In Blow Your Mind, you will become familiar with the current playing field of the New Paradigm energies. Through guided meditation, expand your consciousness and float into Oneness.
  • In Flowering of Freedom, identify your greatest obstacle on your spiritual path and learn processing techniques that help you avoid the sharpest rocks.
  •  In Searching for Your Own Divinity, explore the most common delusions about Divinity through dialogue and meditation. Relax into the audio and search out, for yourself, that which is truly Divine within your own being.

If you want to walk the pathway to Enlightenment, learn from someone who has walked the pathway to the end. No life belt needed for these 3 audios. Just take a deep breath and dive in…

For an audio taste, click here.

Enlightenment Package
Enlightenment Package
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Price: $8.00
(Please note that, if you have dismantled the chakric system, any reference to a chakra should be replaced by “residue around the previous location of the chakra”.)


Women & Patriarchy Package

Have you had trouble standing in your power? You’re not alone. If you’re like most women on a spiritual path, you’ve incarnated throughout a 5,000-year patriarchal regime. That means you’ve experienced extreme female conditioning. You’ve been pressured into the mold of a worthless, second-class citizen. Congratulations are in order. You’ve survived!

12 Female Archetypes

Do you have the strength for one more push?

New paradigm energies are now inviting us to blitz through our conditioning.

And Lucia is one of the female spiritual mentors who has paved the way and illuminated the path.

Join her for these two powerful guided meditations that will help you dust yourself off so you can remember who you are.

  • In Women & Patriarchy, you’ll set intellectual knowledge aside and move into the realm of pure experience. Lucia will guide you to clear the patriarchal residue from your chakras (or the locations of past chakras if you have removed them) and re-imprint your embodiment with new paradigm energies.
  • In Sheath of the Stoic Maiden, you will learn to identify the signature of stoicism, one of the patriarchal bindings that is constricting your consciousness. Recognition is liberation. Lucia will take you to your endless source of power: connection to the Divine Mother. Once that connection is established, you will always be able to access it.

Lucia is living proof that female conditioning can be cleared. And now, the task of clearing your conditioning is faster and easier than ever. It’s time for the perseverance to pay off. If you indeed are ready to reclaim your power.

For an audio taste, click here.

Women & Patriarchy Package
Women & Patriarchy Package
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Price: $6.00
(Please note that, if you have dismantled the chakric system, any reference to a chakra should be replaced by “residue around the previous location of the chakra”.)

Additionally, if you would like a more detailed investigation of the 12 archetypes in the Women & Patriarchy audio, please check out Lucia’s Female Conditioning Course.)