One-on-One Consultations


Thank you for your interest in booking a session …

Lucia offers two types of private sessions:

  • A Private Consultation is one-hour in length and pre-requisites apply
  • Mentoring Consultations, associated with her Mentoring Program, are a half-hour and provide personalized support for learning the basic components of classic spirituality

In all of her sessions, Lucia’s primary interest is assisting individuals who are seriously seeking Self Realization.


One-Hour Private Consultations

Lucia’s forte is the ability to identify blockages to your spiritual progress.

In a one-hour Private Consultation, you are invited to explain a blockage you would like to focus on. Then Lucia will use her psychic skill to see to the root of the problem. She’ll discuss it with you and offer an array of suggestions for clearing the blockage.

Alternatively, you can ask the more general question: “What is my biggest blockage to spiritual progress at this time?”

For those Lucia works with closely, the ultimate goal is to identify your “Soul’s Essence” or “vibratory signature”. When your soul first separated from Source and took incarnation, what was its intent? What is the lens through which you view life? What talents and skillsets do you innately possess?

Once you know your Soul’s Essence, you have a clear line of sight from then to now. In other words, you know who you truly are, from the beginning of time. This enables you to more readily identify and clear what blocks you, in the present time, making it easier to step into your true essence.

Throughout her website, Lucia recommends two foundational tools:

  • Meditation to still the mind
  • Emotional processing to still the emotional body

For Private Consultations, both are prerequisites.

Prerequisites for Private Consultations


Half-Hour Mentoring Consultations

There are no pre-requisites for these personalized support sessions. If you feel you need help establishing one or more of Lucia’s prerequisites, please join Lucia’s Mentoring Program and take advantage of her half-hour support sessions.

If you are already part of the Mentoring Program, then simply reach out to us, via our Contact page, to let us know you’d like to schedule.


Calendar Availability

Look over on the right-hand side of this window to see a snapshot of Lucia’s Calendar. It always shows upcoming dates for sessions. All dates listed may be used for either a one-hour Private Consultation or a half-hour Mentoring Consultation.

If you would like more information on availability, please email Lucia’s assistant via our Contact page.



Pricing is as follows:

  • A first-time, one-hour Private Consultation with Lucia is $300
  • All follow-up one-hour consultations are $250
  • Half-hour mentoring Consultations are $125


Lucia Explains Private Consultations & the Mentoring Program


Getting Started

If you are part of Lucia’s Mentoring Program, simply send us an email via our Contact page in order to book your session.

These are the step-by-step instructions for one-hour Privates:

  • Please fill out the appropriate Private Consultation In-Take Form at the bottom of this page.
  • Once your In-Take Form has been reviewed, you will be emailed a link to pay for your session and a link for the Private Consultation Scheduling page where you can select a day and time.
  • Next, we will email Zoom instructions for connecting with Lucia. This will happen a few days prior to your scheduled time.
  • At your consultation, you can describe what you would like to address or ask the general question “what is blocking me at this time”.
  • Your session will be recorded so you can download it afterward for repeated listening.


First-time One-Hour Private Consultation?

If this is your initial private with Lucia, please fill out this intake-form.

Follow-Up One-Hour Private Consultation?

If this is a follow-up consultation, please fill out this in-take form.

Need help preparing for a one-hour session?

Please consider the Mentoring Program.