Private Consultation Prerequisites

Throughout her website, Lucia recommends two essential components for one’s spiritual practice:

  • Meditation to still the mind
  • Emotional processing to still the emotional body

For one-hour Private Consultations both tools are prerequisites…



  • You have listened to Lucia’s free mp3 file on Meditation Instruction.
  • You have a sitting, closed-eye meditation practice of at least 30 minutes per day, where you intend to stop thought and develop your witness.


  • You have listened to Lucia’s free mp3 file on The Mechanics of Perception & Processing.
  • You have studied Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book, The Marriage of Spirit in order to gain a robust understanding of how polarities are held in the egoic structure & have practiced doing her square exercises in order to test your comprehension of the material.
  •  You have an emotional processing technique and can navigate your emotional body without the help of anyone to assist you, as Lucia describes in her audio above. In other words, you can recognize once you have been triggered; take responsibility for your emotional reaction; feel your way through the emotional content, then burn through the underlying fear, in order to bring the process to rest.


For those who would like to work more closely with Lucia, but do not have the above requirements, may we suggest that you begin by visiting our Meditation Instruction and Processing Instruction pages in the free Library.

If you would like Lucia’s support in learning the basics of classic spirituality, please consider her Mentoring Program.