Mystical Counsel


Mystical Counsel Processing Module

This work-study course is for those who would like to enhance their ability to do emotional processing and pick up some mystical techniques along the way.

In a teleconference series called Mystical Counsel, Lucia taught the personal processing technique she used to unplug her energies from the Patriarchy.  Now that series is a work-study course.

By listening to the 20 hours of recordings in the course, here are some of the things you can gain:

  • Training in Lucia’s emotional processing technique
  • Experience in facing your fear during deep emotional processing
  • Schooling in how to remove the past life structural blockages that we have inserted into our subtle physical bodies in order to survive the Patriarchy
  • Knowledge of how we can collaborate, using the One Heart/One Mind, to speed up our evolution
  • A wealth of mystical wisdom that is peppered throughout the sessions

Sampling Mystical Counsel

Audio-SymbolTo get a taste of the Mystical Counsel sessions, we invite you to listen to these short audio clips:

  • Lucia’s personal invitation to the work-study course:
    Introduction (20 minutes)
  • An overview of Mystical Counsel and the processing technique.  (Please note that the chimes that sound throughout the clip are people joining the teleconference):
    Overview & Technique (6.5 minutes)
  • How to best use the processing sessions:
    How to Use (4.5 minutes)
  • Developing the habit of turning to face issues that arise:
    Developing the Habit (1.5 minutes)
  • Identifying your various trigger patterns:
    Identifying Your Patterns (1 minute)

TestimonialsShutterstock 177428234 Gold Ribbon Crop

  • “Mental processing only skims the surface. I did that for years and by-passed all real change.  But this form of merging/self-processing has made all the difference in the world for me. It has allowed me to self-process deeper and deeper layers. The key here is I am empowered to process myself.  Not many teach that.” -Meg, U.S.
  • One woman’s audio testimonial after completing the course: Testimonial
  • A second audio testimonial: Testimonial 2
  • “It is a relief to finally have a processing technique that works. It’s one thing to talk about living in a non-dual world, but another to actively construct the foundation to do so, so I am grateful to have found a way to do that. And I see the results in my life as I clear the triggers.” -Leah, Canada

Getting Started

The work-study (20 hours of audio files) is available for $55.

Mystical Counsel Work-Study
Mystical Counsel Work-Study
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $55.00


If you would like to plan ahead and purchase the entire 3-module work-study course (Mystical Counsel, Women Standing and No Woman Left Behind), you can do so for $125 (purchased separately $165; a savings of $40).

3-Module Special - the entire Processing Work-Study Course
3-Module Special - the entire Processing Work-Study Course
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $125.00