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Lucia’s spiritual role has been to rally women to stand in their power. Not to stand against something. Not even to stand for something. But to stand in the energy of the Divine Feminine, an alignment where the polarity of for and against comes to rest.

To this end, Lucia has counseled women in emotional processing (Mystical Counsel), vibratory processing (Women Standing), and fearless self-inquiry.

No Woman Left Behind is the next step on this evolutionary journey:  to face and eradicate the final vestiges of the patriarchal female—the 5 biggest stumbling blocks for women.

Using emotional and vibratory processing as a springboard, calling on the power of female collaboration within the group, Lucia facilitates 5 multi-layered guided meditations that can be unpacked by listening to them multiple times.

Teleconference Descriptions

1.  Cutting Energetic Lines to People

In this call Lucia really drills down into the nature of energetic lines: what they are, how they are formed, where they are in the body and why they are a problem. She then guides us, with the help of benevolent inter-dimensional beings, in the mystical process of cutting these lines. This call is a fabulous balance of comprehension, clarity, and clearing. If you want an intact subtle body, capable of carrying higher levels of light, this call is the place to start.

2.  Making Peace with the Masculine

If ever there was a call that best encapsulated Lucia’s work on the Patriarchy, this is it. This teleconference gives a unique perspective of patriarchal energies from the vantage point of there was no wrong-doing. All the masculine ever wanted was a line to the feminine, which, in reality, is just the soul’s journey to wholeness. With this in mind, Lucia guides us through a meditation to heal the fracture within ourselves, holding our projected masculine in the light of awareness and unconditional love—giving it the embrace of the Divine Feminine it so desperately desires. This call is truly an embodiment of the wisdom Lucia has spent 3 decades coalescing. A gem.

3.  Women & Worthlessness

Lucia had promised in advance of this call that she would tackle the issue by using “the back door” and Wow! did she ever deliver. Not shy about telling it like it is, she begins the call by saying that it is women who are birthing the New Age. In the Judeo/Christian tradition, the goddess image of the birthing Mother, Eve, was demonized and portrayed as “she who caused the downfall of mankind”. Thus the foundations of worthlessness in women were laid for the patriarchal era. In the call, Lucia uses her gift of the Sacred Voice to guide us into a deeply altered state so we can see what truly lies behind this image of Eve. She then invites us to view the 5,000-year Patriarchy, and what the polarity of arrogance/worthlessness looks like, from this vantage point. A truly out-of-the-box approach, to deeply ingrained programming, on which the inequality of the sexes is based.

4.  Self-Love

True to form, Lucia tackles the subject of self-love from a rare and compelling vantage point. She sets the stage with a brief summary of the role of the patriarchal woman as the family doormat and explains how the fastest way to reverse this conditioning is through the repeated application of self-love. Then, rather than convince us verbally that we are worthy of self-love, she helps us experience it. Through her potent guided meditation, Lucia invokes the Divine Mother and invites us to embrace the experience of being Divinity incarnate. From this expanded state of perception, the question of self-love becomes a moot point.

5.  Reclaiming our Power

This teleconference is not just the wrap-up of the No Woman Left Behind Series, but, on an energetic level, the closing chapter of the Patriarchy itself.  After all of our grinding and gnashing of teeth, all of our struggles to stand in our power, we finally realize, during this teleconference, that power was never something that could be given or taken away.  It is that which we truly are. If you have trained in Mysticism, or worked with Lucia on any of her other offerings, your training will not be complete until you experience this call. This is a key realization we must embody if we wish to align with the New Paradigm. Thankfully Lucia guides us with a powerful meditation to experience viscerally what reclaiming our power really means.

Sampling No Woman Left Behind

Audio-SymbolTo listen to Lucia give an introduction to the series, click here.

And here are audio snippets from each of the 5 calls:

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  • “I cannot even begin to say what the No Woman Left Behind calls have meant for me. Layer after layer of conditioning has peeled off. Every meditation was a powder keg…These calls have opened my own mystical space hugely, so that my work is deeper and more intuitive now. The shift is big.” Sukhvinder, India.
  • “These sessions were so fruitful: unearthing and answering mothballed questions, shedding light on camouflaged issues, coaxing into action cobwebbed inner right brain muscles…As I usually do after I listen to Lucia’s sessions, I feel re-inspired and energized again to do the inner work that has always been so important to me. This has taken many different forms over the years, but Lucia has given us so many useful perspectives, tools, and demonstrations to work with.” Susan, Canada

Getting Started

The work-study is available for $55 and includes 10 hours of audio files, which we encourage you to listen to multiple times.

No Woman Left Behind Work-Study
No Woman Left Behind Work-Study
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