Owning Your Position Outside of the Matrix

Lucia René

As the disorientation that results from exiting the Matrix clears, I’m sensing a rising wave of ownership underneath.

I experienced an odd click into an altered state of consciousness the other day where I saw that what we did was real.  It is one thing to exit and unplug from the Matrix, then return to your daily routine within the Matrix and continue as though nothing happened–which I found myself attempting to do.

But, unexpectedly, there was a dramatic shift, where the reality of what we did registered fully and, for 15 minutes, I saw things from a completely different perspective. Afterwards, when I came back, I couldn’t remember the exact experience.  I think because the consciousness was so completely different from my normal consciousness that I had nothing to relate it to. But I do remember thinking “This was real.  I have to remember this feeling.  This was not a movie.  It was not simply another guided meditation.  It was real…”

So, everyday, I have been pondering this and meditating deeply on it, asking that this new reality come fully online.

Two nights ago, I repeatedly dreamt the following sequence where I would:

  • have an everyday-type of experience where someone told me something
  • respond to what they told me
  • consciously rewind the experience to the beginning of my response
  • relive it applying this new perspective of being unplugged from the Matrix

I had watched the second Matrix movie and I believe my dream was my version of reverse engineering the code of the Matrix.  When I rewound the experience in the dream, I would back out my normal response.  Then, in light of having exited and unplugged the Matrix, I would relive my experience, remind myself that another response was possible, that I could literally craft any response I wanted.  My unconscious was struggling to adjust, understand, and own this new perspective.

Last night, I watched the second Matrix movie again, fast forwarding through all of the combat scenes, focusing on the information the film disseminated. Something must have clicked into place because I went to bed, slept well, and, this morning, entered a deep meditation.

Something was immediately obvious: The solution to any problem is to expand beyond it

Any problem can be solved by simply expanding your Being beyond it. Then you encompass the problem.  Then it becomes small. Like a mosquito buzzing around your arm.

Expanding our Beings is the equivalent to getting in a spaceship of Zion and going home.  That spaceship was symbolic in the movie.  To be outside of the Matrix is simply to own who you are and always have been.  To fully own that you are the Universe.  To come into a full recognition that you are One with all of Existence.

Now, it’s one thing to expand into your Universal Self during a meditation, then come back into your normal, everyday consciousness.  It’s quite a different thing to own it 24/7.  To live there.  To be fearless enough to stand as who you are. In all of your glorious multi-dimensionality. In the face of all obstacles.

Let’s be honest.  There are not that many people on the planet who own their multi-dimensional Universal aspect or live in a state of Oneness all of the time. Those who do are able to decree that Light is taking back the planet without a shred of judgement about the role the Annunaki and the Global Elite have played. No emotion. No charge on the issue.  Only understanding, compassion, and Light, i.e., pure Power.

If you’re not there yet, have the humility to accept that and continue your detective work to discover what is holding you apart from your Universality. Have the fortitude to continue clearing your ego.  But understand that you can align with and support those who embody Universal consciousness and that doing so lends you strength.

So, I’ve taken my stance.  What about you?

Where are you at with owning your experience of exiting and unplugging the Matrix?  No matter what percentage of your ego you’ve cleared, are you ready to stand, as one unified force to be reckoned with?  Are you ready to take back the planet?