Z Original Blurb Flowering of Freedom & Searching Out Divinity



The Flowering of Freedom
Seeding & Cultivating Enlightened States of Mind

Are you REALLY ready to give up human suffering and be free? If so, it is necessary to roll up your sleeves and work toward cultivating a variety of spiritual disciplines. Initially, in spiritual practice, we may focus only on what fascinates us, but, as we mature spiritually, we recognize that a more holistic combination of disciplines is essential in order to achieve freedom from the human condition and live in enlightened states of mind. Join Lucia Rene for this intimate Q&A discussion, where she will address the advantages of having a regular meditation practice, learning and utilizing an emotional processing technique, studying various spiritual disciplines, integrating all of these into your work, how you can use the specialized areas of psychic perception and mysticism to enhance your spiritual journey, and how all of these disciplines work together as we walk the path to freedom. Allow Lucia to act as your guide, answering important questions such as: “Where am I at?”, “Where do I want to go?”, “What’s my biggest block?”, and “How do I move full speed ahead?”.


Searching Out Your Own Divinity

What is Divinity? A big man in the sky or the Divine Mother? The concept that we are Divinity Itself? Whatever your notion of the Divine is, if you are like most of us, you have been conditioned to believe it is special. But what if it is something quite ordinary—so ordinary, so quiet, and so unassuming, that in our busy, day-to-day lives, we consistently overlook it? Let’s find out for ourselves. Through dialogue and meditation, let’s pause in the midst of the busyness and investigate. Lucia draws on her in-depth knowledge of Jnana Yoga, the yoga of discrimination, for this experiential journey. Suspend all of your notions for this teleconference and together we will search out that which is truly Divine.