Z Original Blurb Blow Your Mind

Blow Your Mind: A Portal of Transformation

At the last minute, Inelia Benz joined Lucia to examine the powerful energies of the September 2013 Equinox. Lucia details how humanity is experiencing a “tsunami of vibrations” as we are swept toward a massive portal of transmutation and the two women discuss how this dovetails with Inelia’s recent seeing, captured in the free 20-minute YouTube video entitled Energetic Update: Is the Battle Between Light and Dark Over? In a mind-blowing, 50-minute meditation, spanning the exact moment of the Equinox, Lucia expertly guides participants through the portal. If you are concerned that the Equinox has passed, don’t be. Despite our programming to believe otherwise, there is no time and space, and the transformative energies of the Equinox are available via the recording. If you feel swept up by the events of your life and want to experience a completely different perspective, this teleconference is for you.

Listen to an audio snippet of the call: