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Women & Patriarchy Package

Have you had trouble standing in your power? You’re not alone. If you’re like most women on a spiritual path, you’ve incarnated throughout a 5,000-year patriarchal regime. That means you’ve experienced extreme female conditioning. You’ve been pressured into the mold of a worthless, second-class citizen. Congratulations are in order. You’ve survived!

Do you have the strength for a one more push?

New paradigm energies are now inviting us to blitz through our conditioning. And Lucia is one of the female spiritual mentors who has paved the way and illuminated the path. Join her for these two powerful audios and guided meditations that will help you dust yourself off so you can remember who you are.

  • In Women & Patriarchy, you’ll set intellectual knowledge aside and move into the realm of pure experience. Lucia will guide you to clear the patriarchal residue from your chakras (or the locations of past chakras if you have removed them) and re-imprint your embodiment with new paradigm energies.
  • In Sheath of the Stoic Maiden, you will learn to identify the signature of stoicism, one of the patriarchal bindings that is constricting your consciousness. Recognition is liberation. Lucia will take you to your endless source of power: connection to the Divine Mother. Once that connection is established, you will always be able to access it.

Lucia is living proof that female conditioning can be cleared. And now, the task of clearing your conditioning is faster and easier than ever. It’s time for the perseverance to pay off. If you indeed are ready to reclaim your power.

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Women and Patriarchy Package
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Women & Patriarchy
Prisoners of War or Children on Christmas Morning?

Five thousand years of being subjugated to the role of a second-class citizen leaves its mark on us women, no question! All female archetypes – including warrior, mother, healer, and oracle, to name only a few – have been fractured, polarized, and bastardized. Mercilessly. Once a woman educates herself about the treatment of females throughout the Patriarchy, she tends to feel victimized, resentful, and angry. Is ill treatment the whole story? Or, is it possible that the patriarchal experience actually offered women one gift after another? Lucia’s 4-hour DVD, Women Standing in Their Power, is an in-depth examination of these issues. And, if you know anything about Lucia’s views on Patriarchy, you’ll know that the message of the DVD is a “Christmas morning” one. In this exceptional teleconference, Lucia leads a one-hour guided meditation/co-creation exercise, where participants jump outside of the 3D-patriarchal-paradigm box, move into the pristine energy of the new paradigm, and experience 12 new-paradigm-female imprints.

Before listening to the audio, you are invited to watch the DVD (or, alternatively study the 12 female archetype diagram on Lucia’s website) beforehand. To read more about the DVD content, to watch excerpts, or to download the 12 female archetype diagram, please visit Lucia’s website.

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Removing the Sheath of the Stoic Maiden

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why can’t the ascension be easier?” “How much longer must I push forward?” “Somehow, I need to find the strength to persevere.” Enter the Stoic Maiden, an energetic configuration women have perfected over the past 5,000 years during a heavy-handed patriarchal regime, one that has relegated them to second-class citizenship. When you pressure a being whose intrinsic nature is power into the mold of a second-class citizen, what happens? What happens is gradual acceptance of one’s condition but with a sheath of stoicism. Energetic sheaths or containers are difficult to perceive. They completely surround us, are subtle, and color our perception of the world. Remove the sheath of the Stoic Maiden and you become vulnerable. By embracing the vulnerability, however, you can plumb the depths of worthlessness that are at the root of our failure, as women, to claim our power. Join Lucia for this powerful, guided meditation/process where you can embrace your Stoic Maiden, allow her to return to Source, and turbo-charge your latent power.

Listen to an audio snippet of the call: