Patriarchal Male Conditioning

Lucia René

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After my workshop in Canada earlier this month, three of the women who attended reported sharing my workshop DVD with their male partners. To my amazement, their men had loved it! One attendee even reported that her boyfriend went through an immediate shift as he was suddenly awakened to the process of reclaiming the “lunar” (gentle, receptive, nurturing, yin) side of his being.

I was thrilled. Imagine that! The Divine Feminine energy that courses through the DVD speaks to men as well as women!

I didn’t plan it that way. The DVD, while referencing male conditioning, focuses on the plight of patriarchal females. It was created exclusively with women in mind. Not because I don’t empathize with men who have been equally conditioned by the Patriarchy, but because my dharma at this time is to focus solely on helping women.

This news supported my theory that many men are actually feeling relieved as women stand more and more in their power, that it frees men up from the exclusive task of holding the “solar” (strong, passionate, creative, yang) energy on the planet, and gives them the space to explore the totality of their being.

female male yin yang

It will be fascinating to watch 2011 unfold. If my seeing is correct, we will experience an energetic crescendo of female power, to which males on the planet will react. And it is essential that they do react. As women, we welcome that reaction because it will be men’s invitation to process their emotional issues around the solar feminine/lunar masculine. For those men who are willing to do the deep internal clearing work, it will be their yellow brick road to freedom.

A year ago, I had a painful experience with a male friend and, after taking responsibility for my part in it and processing my reaction, I asked to be taken directly into patriarchal male conditioning so I could understand at a deeper level what had provoked my friend’s actions. Wow! For me, as a woman, working through my female conditioning, and choosing to throw off my patriarchal yoke of oppression, was difficult. But the experience of merging with male wounding was horrific—like standing on the edge of a high cliff and sensing someone behind me poised to push me off. Terror that was off the charts!

After that, I had a lot of respect for any man willing to work through his conditioning, soften his stance in a patriarchal world, and support the equality of women. To my male readers who are doing this work, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Each man who is willing to investigate his conditioning and bring his being into balance helps men all over the planet—men who may not be able to understand the need to address this issue. He helps all women. Indeed, he helps to change the world.