Pedestals vs. Oneness

Lucia René

 This blog has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, French.

When I was a student of Rama, my brilliant spiritual teacher in this and other lives, I thought he could do no wrong. He was, after all, a fully enlightened master–omniscient and omnipresent. How could someone who knows all things and who’s Being is spread throughout the universe make a mistake? I put him on a golden pedestal and never questioned his wisdom. Even when he explained that omniscience doesn’t mean that the intellect knows everything, I refused to hear it. Even when, near the end of his life, he told us he had made mistakes with our spiritual schooling, I had trouble grasping it.Pedestal Gold

Now, many years later, having journeyed quite a long ways in terms of life experience and higher consciousness, I can look back and see the situation more clearly: I projected authority onto Rama. I gave my own authority away. I used the authority projected onto Rama as an excuse to postpone owning my own power, my Universality.

After Rama’s passing, I began receiving input from the Lineage to which we both belonged. You may remember my experiences as I recounted them in Unplugging the Patriarchy. Initially, I sensed the Lineage above my head in another dimension. As I began working with them in earnest, gradually accepting my position as part of the Lineage, they appeared to be grouped around me. And, finally, I was instructed to let go of my identity as one of the Lineage. As a result of doing so, the configuration shattered and I spent months bemoaning the fact that I had lost my Lineage, only to discovered the Lineage had moved inside of me and integrated as part of my awareness field. So, instead of receiving instructions, I experienced a deeper sense of knowing.

Last year, I began communicating with the Sirian High Council. The planet Sirius is a long way from Earth and I could feel the power of this otherworldly group of beings descending though the universe and flowing into me–a power much greater than that of my Lineage. Then, as I grew in confidence, we began working side-by-side… Is this beginning to sound like a pattern? I think you can grasp where I’m going.

The point is this: Nothing is really separate from us unless we hold it separate.

The Sirian High Council is not a group of highly evolved beings. The Sirian High Council is a strand of luminosity in a multi-dimensional universe. And that strand of luminosity is an aspect of your Universal Self.

You ARE the Sirian High Council. You ARE the universal Oneness of all of existence.

At this juncture, some caution is in order: That’s not an intellectual concept. That’s not an idea that the ego should co-opt and use to feel advanced. Nor is that something that can be realized in an instant. The full-blown experience of Oneness is revealed, little by little, as we meditate, process the layers of the personal self, dismantle the egoic structure, and dissolve the fear that causes us to hold things as separate.

Realistically, where are you at in that process? And how far do you want to take it?